Over 100 tonnes of explosives seized in Quetta

Quetta – August 20 |

Frontier Corps (FC) have seized over 100 tonnes of explosive material from Satellite town in Pashtun-abad area of Quetta. According to FC, this is the largest cache of explosives seized in Pakistan’s history.



  • Over 100 tonnes (or 104,480 kgs) of explosives
  • Same explosives have been used in Hazara Town attack on Feb 16, 2013 killing over 100 Hazaras
  • 10 people have been detained in connection with the explosives including:
    • 8 target killers
    • Former City Nazim of Quetta, Mir Maqbool Lehri of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The warehouse, housing the explosives, belongs to Mr. Lehri.
    • Qari Bilal, master mind of Hazara town blast belonging to a Lashkar-e Jhangvi terrorists, detained from Lahore.
  • Location of Warehouse: Farooq Azam Chowk (roundabout), Satellite town, Pashtun Abad
  • Explosive details (sources: Qudrat and Jang; See links below):
    • 104,480 kgs of explosives
    • 80 home made “Drum bombs” each with 1000 kg of explosives (as used in Hazara town attack on Feb 16, 2013)
    • 35 tonnes of Potassium chloride
    • 25 tonnes of Ammunium chloride
    • 1535 kg of Ammunium powder
    • 250 kg of Ammunium Nitrate
    • 80 kg of Wood mill (?)
    • 78 bundles of wires used in suicide jackets
    • 36 RCD and remote controls
    • 28 Mixers


Security officials have not elaborated on how the terrorists have managed to get their hands in such a large cache of explosives.