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Who are the Hazaras

 Author: M. Ismail (Hazara Union Denmark)

          The Hazaras are one of several ethnic groups inhabiting 7 million mostly in central Afghanistan. The area is known as Hazarajat or originally Hazaristan. The Hazaras are Muslim and Shi'a in majority, but we also have Sunni's. We speak our own version of Farsi known as the "Hazaragi"dialect. The Hazaras are the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. However, as a consequence of the discriminatory and segregationist policies of ruling Afghan/Pashtun governments, they remain politically, economically and socially the most underdeveloped group in Afghanistan society.

          Hizb-e-Wahdat is a political party in Afghanistan struggling for the attainment of the rights of the Hazaras and other ethnic groups, against the Taliban (Pashtun ethnic group). The fanatics Talibans are slaughtering the Hazaras in Afghanistan, the same way as Hitler did to the Jewish community in Germany. Civilized nations of the world must intervene to end the ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan like the one in Kosovo.


          The picture shown below is of Abdul Ali Mazari, a peaceful man and a prominent leader of the Hazara tribe in Afghanistan, who was brutally martyred by the so-called fundamentalist Islamic regime of the Taliban.

[ missing image ]

          Late Abdul Ali Mazari and his eighteen followers, became the victims of the Taliban, who were called upon a peace treaty negotiation with the Talibans in Kabul, but instead of negotiation they were trapped and thus became the victims of the joint killers. Their hands and legs were tied with steel wires and ropes, they were first tortured with drill machines, axes, and knives and after that the so-called Talibans brutally killed all of them.

[ missing image ]

We live in space age, not Stone Age


          This should be kept in mind that we are living in space age not Stone Age, but Talibans have driven Afghanistan so backward from the rest of the world, that nothing could be worse. Obviously the Talibans have been very successful in becoming one of the major producers of heroin and opium, and have tripled their production, which is spread all over the world.

          The Talibans claim to be the rulers of half of Afghanistan, and they claim to introduce Islamic justice system in the country based on the injunctions of Islam and Sunnah (the teachings of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H). So far they have not been successful in their mission which may give an example of Islamic justice system, peace harmony and equality. On the contrary, they have adapted laws, which are against the Islamic laws.

Assassination of the innocents

Abdul Ali Mazari and few of his companions dead body

[ missing image ]

          What ever the Talibans are doing in the country is nothing according to the Islamic law. What kind of Islamic law allows to slaughter people in the open, cut their private parts while they are alive, Is this an Islamic law of justice, does any one call this brutality an Islamic law?

[ missing image ]


          No one at the present time can even think of such a barbaric act. This is tantamount in misusing the laws of Islam, to humiliate Islam and to insult mankind.


          A Japanese TV program showed horrible scenes of men being slaughtered in Afghanistan, and many people, who were pushed out of Kabul, are now living in caves, but it is most astonishing that the world is watching silently. Where are the so-called international leaders of the world, who are always claiming to be the advocates of HUMAN RIGHTS? Why the United Nation is silent on this issue? Isn't it just about time for the so-called international leaders of the world to focus on "HUMAN RIGHTS" in Afghanistan?

          Last year the BBC carried out a program where Talibans were cultivating opium in wide spread areas under their control and they continue to export their famous products to the USA and to Western Countries.


This year the narcotic production of the Talibans is tripled. Let's hope that the USA and Western Countries are not closing their eyes of what is happening in Afghanistan.


          If any tribe or a group of people try to resist the Talibans, then they will raid their villages, destroy their belongings, rape young girls and women and kill the male members of the families. THEN

          The clever Taliban disguise them to be the faithful and true Muslims. They will cover themselves and their crime behind ISLAMIC SHARIAH and JUSTICE.

          Recently EU Commissioner, Madam Emma Bonino visited Kabul, She came back to Europe from Afghanistan with a very negative and a disgraced impression, which she briefed on CNN and the BBC. Under the Talibans own interpretation, it is a crime to photograph anyone, especially women. She saw a man being beaten in public because he didn't have a long beard, Women she met were beaten in public too and arrested because their trousers were not long enough, another woman who couldn't breath under her "Burqa" or Veil was about to faint, she too was also arrested and beaten till she fainted. She said, whatever the Talibans are doing in Afghanistan has nothing to do with Islam's rules, Quran, Shia or Sunni sects. It is random terrorism. Someone should stop the arms trade to these groups of terrorists and bring the political arena back to its tracks.

According to one of BBC's other programs, children between the ages of 12 and 15 collect human bones from the ground and sell them to bone markets, so that they are able to buy bread for their families. What a shame children of this age group should be studying in schools instead of finding bones.       


Thanks to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and the "US MEDICAL TEAM" who visited the area and saw for themselves and also informed the rest of the

World that Hazarajat is the worst affected and disastrous area. More than one million civilians face imminent starvation in central Afghanistan due to road blockade by the Talibans and Massive peaks of Hindukush Mountains covered with snow. Biting winter cold and earthquake is another major problem as there is no metalled road in the entire region. Despite many hindrances and obstacles the Hazaras are determined to work for their survival and ready to face all kinds of challenges.

          Facing a serious military defeat at the hands of the Hazaras, the Talibans are trying to starve the Hazara tribe to surrender by surrounding them ambiently. They bombed the airstrip in Bamiyan and blockaded roads in the region, United Nation's food aid have also been halted. We appreciate very much the help of the United Nation's World Food Program (WFP) that stepped in and supplied food for the area by helicopters. The activities of NGO's in the fields could bring good results for the communities who prefer to live their life in peace.


          The Talibans wanted completely to wipe out and blast the famous monuments of 45 meters and 55 meters Bhuddahs sculptured in the mountains of Bamiyan centuries ago, which is the last treasure of the country, Hazaras are determined to defend the treasures of the country what ever the consequences may be.


          HAZARAS strongly condemn the rugged, dictatorial and terrorist backed regime of the Talibans who did not do much in their three years of term, other than increasing kalashnikov culture, torturing people, stopping women from working and forbidding them from coming out of their homes, closing the girls schools, even the selling of toys is forbidden. Can one civilized nation accept these kind of uncivilized policy makers? Any one who will take the veil from the hidden tyrants will be executed in public without any trial as shown in the pictures. This is how the Talibans are trying to win cheap popularity under the guise and umbrella of their so called Islamic law.

          The situation in Afghanistan has reached a stage where the Hazaras have become the closest victims of the joint killers. The Hazaras have been dragged in the name of "Shiaites" in this imbroglio, although the Hazaras are not that kind of Shias to lay bomb and kill many innocent lives.                                                                          

Stop the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Afghanistan


The Taliban militia on their arrival in Afghanistan's northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif on August 8th 1998 committed one of the worst atrocities against unarmed civilian population that the region has ever seen. They started a two pronged operation for the prosecution of the local people. According to a report by amnesty international they entered house to house in the city "deliberately and systematically killing thousands of ethnic Hazara civilians during the first three days..." They also took thousands of people from their homes or fields for relocation elsewhere. The whereabouts of these people are unknown.

          According to eyewitness accounts, the city was turned into "killing fields" and it is feared that as many as 16,000 are murdered and hundreds of thousands more are missing. Most of the victims are Hazaras and according to amnesty official  "they very meticulously established the ethnic identity that they arrested..." and took thousands of Hazaras to be executed. The hatred of the Taliban against the Hazaras are so deepen that they have killed their cattle's too just because they were owned by the Hazaras.

          This is not first act of genocide or ethnic cleansing that they have committed and if they prevail over the whole country; it would not be their last crime either. In their archaic way of thinking, human rights, human dignity and above all human life has no value. Where ever they have established their evil presence, there is no sign of a normal life as we know it. Schools are closed, Universities are destroyed, and libraries are burned. Women are barred from their houses unless accompanied by a close male relative. They are forbidden of any sort to work, to study, to receive medical attention or to receive aid. The foreign humanitarian agencies are barred from working in the country. The capital, once a beautiful city is ruined and turned into a city of beggars. They despise education and one of the worst "crimes" for a man is to be educated or intellectual. They call it (Qalam wala) or the one who has pen". They have reduced human value to having a long beard and cropped cut hair.

          Yet, under the rule of these zealots every conceivable crime is permitted under the guise of religion. The cultivation, processing and trafficking of opium is encouraged and Afghanistan is turned into one of the biggest opium producing countries of the world. Terrorism thrives there. In this respect, Afghanistan ranks the first country in the world in the training, arming and indoctrination of terrorists.

          They, too, are encouraged to kill, maim, and permanently scar thousands of people across the globe, from East Africa to the Middle East, from Europe to the United States and from central Asia to the Far East. In this respect, they recognize no boundary. No country is immune to them. They kill Christians in the name of Islam; they kill Jews in the name of Islam; and they kill Moslems in the name Islam.

          According to reliable sources they have detained girls to be sold as slaves and maids. This too is done in the name of religion. Can any one's religion or religious sect permit the trade of a human being?

At the moment if there is one regime that is actively sponsoring terrorism, it is the Taliban administration. If there is one regime that deliberately and knowingly encourage, and trade in illegal drugs, it is this theocracy and if there is one regime in the world that has made life a true hell for the majority of the population which are the women, it is this government of zealots. The world cannot ignore, and look the other way from this menace. If not for the sake of humanity and for the sake of the innocent people in Afghanistan who suffer under this oppression, then for their own interest, they should help the people of Afghanistan bring this inhuman and indecent regime down. In this day and age, people should not be permitted to lower human dignity to a level of that an animal. Despite the warning of Amnesty International to stop the act of genocide in Mazar-e-Sharif, the Talibans continued their extreme wickedness in Bamiyan.

          We ask you to join us in condemning the acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing that is done in the name of religion. We ask the world to establish an international war crime tribunal like the ones for prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes in Rwanda and Bosnia. The Taliban deserve no less, so let's work together hand in hand on these issue and save innocent lives.


We will appreciate your support and kind attention.


Hazara Union in Denmark : is a very active union

we believe in

  • Justice for all nationalities in Afghanistan.
  • Live in peace and let others live in peace.
  • We work for the betterment of the future generations.
  • Prosperity and free trade instead of war.
  • Restoration of Law & Order, Institutions, Schools and stability in the country.









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