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Hizb-e Wahdat - Afghanistan

The Dissipation of Political Capital Among Afghanistan's Hazaras (2001 - 2009)

Author: Niamatullah Ibrahimi - Crisis States Research Centre [ Download PDF ]

This paper examines the historical background and political processes behind the formation of Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami Afghanistan (The Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan).   It lays out the evolving political agendas and strategies of the party during the years of civil war, Taliban rule and the post-2001 political process.   It is also attempted to explain how the party has responded to the changes and eventually fragmented in the 2001-2009 period

Note: Below information is historical in nature and portray's party's structure during its peak period.

Hizb-e Wahdat (Historical)

Party Structure

Following is the hierarchical structure of Hizb-e Wahdat:

Shura-e Aali Nuzarat (Supreme Supervisory Council)

This council is the highest structural body of Hizb-e Wahdat. This council has 12 members and consists of the religious scholars, Intellectuals, technocrats and the tribal heads. This council has the important duty to supervise all the activities and the policies of Hizb-e Wahdat and in the case of necessity forwards its recommendations for the betterment of the party activities. Central Committee of the party is bound to pass all their policies by this council. So in brief this council is the most important organ of the party structure. The chairman of this council is Ayatollah Sadiqi Parwani, who is also the vice president of the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Some of the other members of Shura-e Aali Nizarat (Supreme Advisory Council) are as follows.

  • Ayatollah Sadiqqi Parwani                    (Religious Scholar)
  • Ayatollah Qurban Ali Mohaqiq           (Same)
  • Ayatollah Salihi Mudarris                     (Same)
  • Sayyed Ghulam Hussain Musavi       (Intellectual)
  • Sayyed Abbas Hakimi                          (Same)
  • Sayyed Amin Sajjadi                              (Technocrat)
  • Dr. Sultani                                              (Same)


Sura-e Markazi (Central committee)

This is the main administrative body of Hizb-e Wahdat. All the important concerned issues are discussed and the relevant decisions are being taken in this committee and implemented after the approval of the Supreme Supervisory Council. Central Committee consists of the 80 members, who represent all the dissolved eight parties and persons from all the classes of the society. Though the former members of the Sazman-e Nasr have been playing the key roles in this strong united party but all the issues are discussed in the central committee and after either the complete consensus or democratically, the majority based decision are being taken in this committee.

The head of the Central Committee is titled as "The Secretary General" and the present head of the party is Mohammad Karim Khalili. The traditional headquarter of Central Committee is the historical and the cultural city of Bamian. The Secretary General is the most honorable and respected member of the Central Committee and he is the symbol of pride and power of the party. All the party members and the heads of all the subsequent committees respect him and obey his instructions.  

Shura-e Markazi has leading council which consist of the six members:

  •       Secretary General          Mohammad Karim Khalili (Behsud, Wardak)
  •       Senior Deputy                Qurban Ali Irfani               (Yakawalang, Bamian)
  •       Junior Deputy                Mohaqiq Warasi                (Wars, Bamian)
  •       First Secretary               Sayyed Hashimi                 (Yakawalang, Bamian)
  •       Second Secretary           Hameedi Sheikh Ali          (Sheikh Ali, Parwan)
  •       Third Secretary                Sitez                                 (Kakrak, Ghazni)


Shura-e Markazi (Central Committee) is further divided into the following committees:     


            Committees                                                 Chairmen

  • Political Committee                                Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq (Bulkh)
  • Military Committee                                 Ameeni                               (Wardak)
  • Cultural Committee                                 Natiqi Shifahi                     (Orazgan)
  • Intelligence Committee                          Mohammad Kazim Jafary (Samangan)
  • Medical services Committee                Dr.Aziz                             (Ghazni)
  • Financial Committee                              Saadat                                (Wardak)
  • Public Services committee                    Engineer Hussain Hisari    (Wardak)
  • Women's Committee                              Engineer Faiza Fallah       (Kabul)
  • Judiciary Committee                              Ayatollah Sheikh Zada     (Ghazni)
  • Public Relations Committee                   Muballigh Nahori              (Ghazni)
  • Archeology and heritage committee   Engineer Safwat.              (Kabul)


The main objective of all these committee are to facilitate the party duties of the Central Committee regarding the implement of the party programs and all the committees are subject to the Secretary General.  

 Other members of the Shura-e Markazi are as follows,

1)-   Saeedi                         (Religious Scholar) Yakawalang, Bamian.

2)-   Irfani Ghaznavi           (Same)                       Qarabagh, Ghazni.

3)-   Mohammad Fayyaz     (Same)                    Orazgan.

4)-  Taqaddusi                   (Same)                       Bamian

5)-   Mohammad Natiqi       (Same)                     Bamian

6)-   Fazil Hussaini              (Same)                     Lal-o- Sarganle, Ghor.

7)-   Eid Mohammad Arifi   (Same)                    Dara Suf, Samangan.

8)-   Mohaqiq Zada              (Same)                    Behsud, Wardak.

9)-   Mustafa Aitamadi         (Same)                   Daikundi, Orazgan.

10)- Ali Zada                        (Same)                     Malistan, Ghazni.

11)- Nasiri Nahori                (Same)                     Nahor, ghazni.

12)- Waeezi Sharistani         (Same)                   Shahristan, Orazgan. 

 13)- Ansari Baluch               (Same)                   Kijran, Orazan.

14)- Hameedi                        (Same)                     Sheikh Ali, Parwan.  

15)- Sharifi                          (Commander )          Pulkhumri, Baghlan.

16)- Irfani Jaghuri                 (Same)                   Jaghuri, Ghazni.

17)- Ameeni Turkmani         (Same)                    Turkman, Parwan,

18)- Sajjadi Bulkhabi            (Same)                    Bulkhab, Saripul.

19)- Ameeri                           (Same)                    Bandar, Orazgan.

20)- Ali Akbar Qasimi          (Same)                    Nahor, Ghazni.

21)- Rajab yourish                 (Same)                   Kabul.

22)- Sabiri Lali                      (Same)                     Lal-o-Sargungle, Ghor.

23)- Qasim Khidri                 (Same)                     Zaranj, Nimroz.

24)- General Mukhtar            (Same)                   Sheikh Ali, Parwan.

25)- Fahimi Bulkhabi             (Same)                   Bulkhab, Saripul.

26)- Haji Namatullah Masab  (Same)                 Sholgara, Bulkh.

27)- Sayyed Basir                   (Same)                  Behsud, Wardak.

28)- Zaki                                 (Same)                    Bamian.

29)- Dr. Saee                           (Intellectual )       Waras, Bamian.

30)- Engineer Aqeel                (Intellectual)      Jighatu, Ghazni.

31)- Dr. Talib Rasool              (Same)                  Qarabagh, Ghazni.

32)- Engineer Subhani            (Same)                  Sheikh Ali, Parwan.

33)- Engineer Karim               (Same)                   Kabul. 

34)- Engineer Sabit                 (Same)                  Kabul.

35)- Dr.G.M. Yailaqi              (Economist)           Mazar, Bulkh.

36)- Dr.Abdul Wahid (Late)   (Intellectual)               Jighatu, Ghazni.

37)- Engineer Deedar Ali        (Same)                         Jaghuri, Ghazni.

38)- Azizullah shafaq              (Writer, poet)              Behsud, Wardak.

39)- Surosh                              (writer)                          Yakawalang, Bamian.

40)- Hussain Fitrat                   (Writer)                        Pulkhumri, Baghlan.

41)- Mohaqiq Afshar               (Historian)                   Kabul.

42)- Zare                                  (Intellectual)                Hirat.

43)- Syyed Aala Rehmati        (Intellectual)               Yakawalang, Bamian.

44)- Ustad Moahidi Bulkhi     (Writer, poet)              Chaharkent, Bulkh.

45)- Muallim Baba                  (Intellectual, Baron)     Kakrak, ghazni.

46)- Muallim Amin                 (Educationalist)            Hirat.

47)- Sarwar Danish                 (Writer)                         Daikundi, Orazgan.

48)- Mohd Ishaq Fayyaz         (Writer and scholar)     Shahristan, Orazgan.       

49)- Annabi                             (Writer)                          Sheikh Ali, Parwan.

50)- Wasiq                               (Magnate, Intellectual)  Behsud, Wardak.

51)- Doulat Hussain                 (Magnate)                     Dahan-e Ghori, Baghlan.

52)- Senator Salaam                (Magnate, Ex-senator)   Saripul town,  Saripul.

53)- Hayatullah Balaghi          (Magnate, Intellectual)  Jighatu, Ghazni.

54)- Maqsoodi                         (Magnate)                       Nahor, Ghazni.


Women Members of Central Committee of Hizb Wahdat:

There are ten women members in the central committee of Hizb-e Wahdat. Wahdat claims that there is no any party in Afghanistan, which has quota for women in their central committee or holding any post of any committee*. The ladies members of the central committee are as follow:

  1. Engineer Faiza Fallah        (Kabul)   Chairperson committe for Women
  2. Dr. Mrs. Lailuma Hashimi      (Kabul)
  3. Dr. Rahila Qilzim Kaweer        (Kabul)
  4. Dr. Mrs. Marzia Seema            (Ghazni)
  5. Mrs. Ameena Sheewa              (Panjab, Bamian)
  6. Dr. Miss.Salma Wahidi            (Punjab, Bamian)
  7. Miss.Aqeela Farzam Fatimi    (Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh)
  8. Mrs. Sara Mazari                      (Chahar Kent, Balkh)
  9. Mrs. Fazaili                               (Orazgan-e Khas, Orazgan)
  10. Mrs. Sakhi                                 (Dalan, Bulkh)   




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