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On 13th oct 1993 few intellectual and positive minded yougester having a promising heart of doing something for the progress and prosparity of area formed an organistion by the name of "Wahdat Gang Abbassia" now formally known as "Wahdat Guardian Organisation." Wahdat Guardian Organization (WGO) started with an aim to abolish the backwardness and other prevalent social issues that has mared the Hazara neighborhoods.  The organization realized the need of a platform which can help in realizing the  dreams of the Hazara society. Since its inception almost 10 years ago, WGO today plays an important role which is acknowledged at the National and International levels.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To eradicate the illetracy and to promte the educational activities
  2. To work for the development of area
  3. To eradicate the social abuses and to remove the "fake" costums of the society.
  4. To bring unity among youngsters and enhance the passion of service
  5. To ensure the part of the women on the concern task of WGO.
  6. To accelerate the positive activities and to provide a healthy atmosphere
  7. To facilitate and support the poor students
  8. To promote technology amoung our young generation
  9. To encourage and sponsor sporting activities
  10. To provide clean and hygenic blood donation to deserving patients with out any difference of color and creed
  11. To help people in geological casualities such as flood , famine, earthquakes etc.



The most important and essential sector which was emencely highlighted by Wahdat Guardian Organization (WGO) is education. WGO has helped educated thousands of children (students). At present more than 200 hundered boys and girls are having education and not only this but also opened a book  bank for the poor students  to provide them with free text books and school uniforms.
WGO  has also successfully arranged special classes for promoting education among our senior citizens and our parent generations so they can better help their children in turn.

Removed the medicine scarcity in Basic health unit and ensured the cleanliness and sanity of
roads and drains providing a hygenic environment for the people.

Blood Bank
Living in a third world country where the health facilities are almost non-existent for the poor and needy, WGO has come up with a novel way of providing one of the most precious gift of life: Blood.
A model for any advanced country to observe, the WGO has a list of active dedicated volunteers and blood is provided on a fly to the needy patients free. This level of dedication and organization has brought much praise for the WGO from the local health institutions as well as from among the Hazara and others in the city.

Development Works
WGO acheived tremondous  success in working for the development of Hazara neighborhoods. In 1997 the organisation raised a massive fund of Rupees 1.3 million for the different developing activities such as  roads , street lights and other projects.

The list of tournments which was won by WGO would better tell us the achievement in this sector
1- Winner of all Quetta Janco Shahied Cricket tournment 1995
2- Winner of all Quetta Football tournment 1995
3- Winner of all Hazara under 18 Football tournment 1998
4- Winner of all Hazara Football tournment 2001
5- Runnerup of All Hazara Alam Mashbah Football tournment1995





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