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The Hazaras in Holland have had a Fateha Khuwani for the Souls of the Martyrs of Behsud. The Press release of Hazara Association in Holland regarding the brutal attack of Kuchies (Nomads) in Behsood and Daimerdad districts of Maidan Warda Province is as follows:


19 may 2010 

Hazaras’ Association in Holland expresses its grave concern over the reoccurrence of Kuchies attack on the Central Highlands of Afghanistan. The Kuchies have entered the villages and Behsood district of Maidan Wardak province with their heavy and light armaments. They have caused killing, burning the houses and shops, injuring, looting inhabitants’ property. It has been four days since the attack; the armed Kuchies with their white flags have been taking the properties of the local people and have been carrying them to unknown places with their vehicles, which are similar to the vehicles that are normally used by the Taliban

One day before the attack, the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan ordered to its one thousand and eight militias who were responsible for the safety of the area to evacuate and predisposed the ground for the occurrence of the attack and observed it without taking any action to stop the terrorist attack. During the incident thousands of the local people of Behsood have become displaced and several of their women, children, youths and men have been killed, injured and a number of the local villagers have been taken to captivity. The villagers’ dead bodies are scattered around the area. 

Hazaras’ Association of Holland on behalf of all the Hazaras in Holland condemn the inhumane act of the Kuchies and express their deepest concern over the reoccurrence of violence and urge the government to disarm the violent men who caused the killing, injury, displacement of the local people and the looting and burning of their properties. They call the government of Afghanistan to identify the propitiators’ and take effective action to stop the violence, inhumane tragic event, address the issue of the local people who got displaced so that they can return to their houses, restitute for their loses and seek legal actions to ensure the rights of the local people of Behsood and solve the Kuchie issue permanently according to the constitution of Afghanistan. 

Hazaras as the citizen of Holland and for the sake of humanity sympathetically request and seek the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland, the related offices in the European Union and the international community to prevent the killing and displacement of their relatives by those who have been involved in discriminatory actions in Afghanistan. 

They would also point out that as long as the heads of key government positions especially security departments such as the ministry of interior, defense and national security are those with similar mentalities as the Taliban and who support and predispose for the increase of Taliban power, there will not be any improvement in the security situation of Afghanistan. 

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