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Lashkar-e Jhangvi Statement regarding blast on Kirani Road targeting Hazaras in Hazara Town on Feb 16, 2013

Killed: 84
Injured: 190+
Missing: TBD

Note: This is a verbatim translation of the LEJ terrorists statement on Daily Qudrat News without any modification to the words.

Quetta (Qudrat News): Banned religious terrorist organization, Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ), has claimed responsibility for the suicide blast on Kirani Road, Hazara Town. The spokesman, Abu Bakr Sidiq, called the news channels on Saturday evening from an identified location and said that the attack was carried out by our colleague, Umar Farooq.

We tell the Government that they should be under no illusion that the Governor Rule will divert our attention from our enemy - the Shias. We want to tell the Shias that they should not consider themselves safe until the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate [in Pakistan]. The Mujahideens of LEJ will kill them irregardless of Governor rule or Army deployment. We will protect the honor of the Islamic Caliphs [blessing upon them] by sacrificing each and everyone of us.

In 2013, this was our second suicide attack in the Shia areas. Like this, we have 20 vehicles full of explosives ready for our suicide bombers. Soon as we get the order [from Malik Ishaq], their target will be Alamdar Road, Mehr Abad, and Hazara Town. God Willing, now we will kill Shias in their homes and we are not afraid of any Govenor Rule nor Army. We have said before, that we honor martyrdom and by the Grace of God, in search for this martyrdom, we are holding our ground even during the Governor rule.

The spokesman said, we want to tell the Sunnis, for God sake, strap your bodies with bombs and stand up with LEJ in the fight against the Shias, because they are seeing that in Hyderabad city [in Sindh] a statue of Hazrat Umar Farooq (blessing) was build to dishonor him. And in many other parts of Pakistan, the Religious leaders, all Sunni Muslims, and Taliban are martyred. If Sunnis won't rise up, then they should refrain from having any relation with the Shias because now either we will live in Balochistan or the Shias. And we watch the Media reports and read the reports from our opposition that some are helping us [alluding to intelligence agencies and/or ministers in the local Balochistan govt]. We want to clarify that THEY have never helped us nor have we ever had the need for THEIR help or will ever need it. We seek help from Allah in this fight and this fight will end as Balochistan becoming the graveyard of the Shias.


Link to original statement in Urdu on Daily Qudrat (an image of the news has been provided below for easy reference):






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