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Hunger strike in Kabul to express solidarity with Hazaras undergoing genocide in Pakistan

Kabul, Feb 19, 2013:

This morning at about 9:00 am, a group of about 90 people started a hunger strike in front of the UN office in Kabul. In the morning some local radio and TV representatives went to interview people. In the afternoon at about 2:30, the representative of the UN went to site and met with some of the activists there. He promised that he would relay the demands of the people to his headquarters in NY. Later on, some members of parliament from Herat, Ghazni, Takhar, Baghlan, Dai Kundi and Kabul went to the join the protesters. One of the MPs in a short speech condemned the heinous act of the terrorists and asked the governments in the region, otherwise the whole area would go in smoke. In response one of the elders expressed gratitude for the sympathy and solidarity expressed by the MPs. He also deplored the silence of the government of Afghanistan in not condemning the inhuman act of the terrorists. The MPs mentioned that they would consult among themselves and will hold a press conference on this issue.

Kabul, Feb 20:

Vice President Karim Khalili and Ahmed Zia Masood visited the activists on hunger strike expressing solidarity with the activists in condemning the ongoing genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan. Recall, at least 33 of the Hazaras killed were Afghan citizens.


VP Afghanistan, Karim Khalili
Ahmed Zia Masood







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