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Note: This is a verbatim translation of the Nawai Waqt news about explosives used in Hazara town (Kirani Road) blast on Feb 16, 2013.

Quetta+Lahore (Nawai Waqt Report):

According to intelligence reports, 10kg of explosives used in Hazara Town blast was brought in a tanker. The explosive material was crafted inside a water tanker. The ingredients used to make the explosives were: Phosphorus, Ammonium, and Potassium, Diesel, Sugar, and Ammonium powder. The use of Ammonium Nitrate made it similar to a 1000 Kilo Watt explosion. The ensuing blast created a shock wave which destroyed the buildings. Many bodies became unidentifiable coming under building and charred by fire.


Prior to this attack, the same mix was used in the bomb attacks on Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, FIA building (law enforcement) in Lahore, and CID office (law enforcement) in Karachi. According to experts, due to a shortage of water in Hazara Town, it is not unusual for the water to be brought by anywhere close to 120 tankers. The tanker was prepared for explosives in a workshop in Hazarganji (next to Vegetable Market where Hazaras have been frequently targeted by terrorists). The chemicals were brought from Warris Chemicals in Akbar Mundi, Lahore. The law enforcement agencies have also detained the owner on chemical warehouse on charges of providing explosives for terrorism. In the past two months, Warris Chemicals in Akbari Gate has shipped over 2000 KG of Potassium, Phosphorous, and other materials used in explosives. The law enforcement agencies have detained Dad Mohammad, the person receiving the material. And based on information provided by him during interrogation, apprehended the owner of the Warris Chemical warehouse in Lahore. Further investigations of the accused are ongoing after they were shifted to unknown place. Police have cited ignorance of any detentions in this regard.



Link to original news on Nawai Waqt News (an image of the news has been provided below for easy reference):









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