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HSF Demonstration - June 16, 2003

The rally started at 10:00am Quetta time from the headquarter of Hazara Student Federation (HSF) in Alamdar Road. Over 2000 demonstrators marched through Alamdar Road to Mezan Chowk and entered Qndahari Bazzar,  Manan Chowk and then onward to Jinnah road. Near Science College chowk, friends from Baloch students Organization (BSO) , Pushtookhawa Students Organization joined the rally.

The following speakers delivered speeches:

President of HSF Ahmed Ali Kohzad,
General Secretary Qadir Ali Nail,
Former President of HSF Mohammad Zaman Dehqan
PSO president Nasrullah Zerey,
BSO representatives Fahim Baloch and Wahab Baloch delivered speeches and strongly candomed this act of fanatic terrorism. They blamed the government authorities also for not taking strong action against thiese groups.

Protestors chanted slogans such as:
Down with fanatic terrorism,
Down with Mullas,
Down with Al-Qeida,  Taliban and other fanatic religious groups,
Down with anti-civilization,
Long live democracy, freedom and liberalism.

Speakers demanded strict action against the fanatic religious groups, to arrest those responsible for such a heinous crime , and to dismantle these Jehadi outfits who are using religion and ethnicity to further their dispicable motives.

The demonstrators then started via Qandahar bazzar to Alamdar road and ended on the central office of HSF.





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