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Victims of Saudi / Wahhabi financed terrorism - Eid-ul Fitr, Aug 31, 2011
courtesy: HOPE USA / Wahdat Guardian Org

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Quetta, Aug 31, 2011. A suicide attacker in an explosive-laden truck kills 11 Hazaras and critically injurs 20 others, in the heart of the Hazara area in Quetta, Pakistan. The apparent target were the Hazara worshippers coming out of the Eidgah (a designated area for Eid prayers) after Eid-ul-Fitr prayers marking the end of Holy month of Ramadan.

Car blast occurred on Gulistan Town, near Fundola, on the crossing of the road going to Hazara Eidgah. Hazara youths acting as security guards challenged the suicide bomber in the car to stop him from reaching the Hazara masses coming out of the prayer area.

Various reports puts explosives between 50 and 500kg. The powerful blast destroyed over a dozen vehicles and collapsed several buildings (reportedly killing several women and children), and sent body parts flying in the air which were founds hundreds of meters away.

Recall that in the past, the Al-Qaida affiliated Terrorist organization, Lashkar Jhangavi (LJ), has claimed responsiblity of such attacks vowing to "wipe Half a million Hazaras from Quetta."

Billions of dollars are collected and sent to these Terrorists by wealthy Arabs from Saudi Arabia and other countries. The Pakistani security apparatus are alleged to be protecting the terrorists. In the past 10 years, hundreds of Hazaras have been killed and over 500 critically injured by Terrorists but not a single terrorist has been brought to justice to date.

In the past several years, NATO supplies has also been attacked and destroyed in the Quetta area. The city has seen an alarming increase of terrorist activity. The Taleban shura is believed to be living in the Quetta area (which is a short distance from Kandahar - the Taleban stronghold in Afghanistan) but the Pakistani government denies the existence of ANY terrorists.







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