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Update: May 8

Hazaras First Casualty of Post Bin Laden Al-Qaida Attack


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[ More update will be posted as it becomes available]






  • Location of attack and names of victims
  • Attack happened in the pre-dawn hours on Friday, where a large number of youngers were out for morning jog, and others were at the Hazara graveyard to pay respect (which is common on friday's)
  • Terrorist group responsible: Lashkar Jhangvi (Al-Qaida affiliated network with possible funding from Saudi and UAE [1, 2]
  • Terrorists came in 2 or 3 pickup trucks; fired 3 rocket propelled grenades and fired over 100 rounds of AK-47; The duration of attack is approximately 20 minutes
  • Terrorists escaped without any challenge from the Police Check post which was 100 meters away
  • Same group has claimed responsibility for killing hundreds of Hazaras and has injured hundreds more (approx 500 killed and seriously injured), but to date, Pakistani Government has not brought anyone to justice.




1. Terror link alleged as Saudi millions flow into Afghanistan war zone
2. Richard Holbrooke declares war on Taleban bankrollers





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