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Killings of  UN Staff, foreign Diplomats, Opposition leaders, and innocent civilians by Taliban -  The following are only a few examples in the long list of attrocities committed by the Taliban.

  • Opposition Hazara Leader , Mazari and his companions were martyred - March 11, 1995
    According to Hazara Press, the Leader of the Hizb-e-Wahdat Party, Ustad Mazari and a group of Islamic Wahdat Party Central Committee members  (Abuzar, Ekhlaasi, Ebrahim Behsudi, Ghassemi, Jan Mohammad, Sayed Ali Alavi, Bahodari, and Jan Ali), were on their way (in two cars) to meet Mullah Burjan, the Taliban commander, who requested a personal meeting with Ustad Mazari. On their arrival, the leaders were taken by surprise when they were forcefully abducted by Mullah Burjan and other Talibans in the vicinity of Pu;e Ghul Bagh. They were shot in Ghazni on March 11, 1995.
  •  Dr. Najeebullah killed - Sept, 1996
    When the Taliban captured Kabul in late September, one of their first acts was to invade the UN compound, seize former President Dr. Najibullah and his brother, and summarily execute them. Najibullah was head of the secret police during the Soviet occupation and President of Afghanistan from 1986-92. The corpses were hung in the street for 2 days following the executions with a mock cigarette in Najeebullah's mouth.
  • Eleven Iranian Diplomats killed - Aug 8, 1998
    Eleven Iranian nationals (ten diplomats and one journalist)  were killed when Taliban guards entered the Iranian Consulate in Mazar-e Sharif. Eyewitnesses say that their bodies were left in the consulate for two days, before being buried in a mass grave at the Sultan Razieh girls school.

    According to Secretary General UN, Mr. Kofi Annan, the diplomatic status of these Iranians were protected under the Vienna Conventions.
  • Iranian News Bureau chief for IRNA killed - Aug  8,1998
    Mahoud Saremi was Afghanistan bureau chief for the official Iranian news agency, IRNA. He disappeared, along with a group of Iranian diplomats, on August 8, when Taliban fighters seized the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif and captured the Iranian consulate. On September 10, a Taliban spokesman admitted that Saremi and eight other Iranians had been found murdered near Mazar-i-Sharif. On August 10, CPJ urged the Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, to investigate Saremi's disappearance; after learning of the assassination, CPJ called on him to launch an investigation into the killing
  • UN Staff killed - July 13, 1998
     Two Afghans working for UN aid agencies were killed in Afghanistan after being kidnapped in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad.

    Mohammed Nazir Habibi, 49, worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and Mohammed Hashim Bahsaryar, 55, for the World Food Program (WFP). Both were found dead after having been abducted on July 13.

    In a separate incidence, an Italian UN worker Carmine Calo was shot and killed by an angry demonstration against US cruise missile on Osama Bin Laden in Khost on August 21, 1998
  • Afghan staff member of UN Food Program killed by Taliban – Aug. , 1998
    Syed Essa, a guard at the WFP warehouse, was shot and killed by Taliban troops when they overran central Bamyan in August, 1998.
  • UN advisers killed by Taliban - Aug 21, 1998
    Security Council - 3 - Press Release SC/6608 3952nd Meeting (PM) 8 December 1998
    On 21 August, two United Nations Special Mission Administration (UNSMA) officials, a Political Affairs Officer and a Deputy Military Adviser, travelling in a clearly marked United Nations vehicle, were shot dead by two gunmen in a vehicle bearing official Taliban markings. The Taliban officials alleged that two pakistani citizens were involved in the shooting. 

    The UNSMA has  received reports of large numbers of non-Afghans, mostly of Pakistani origin, said to be engaging in all aspects of fighting alongside the Taliban. The UNSMA interviewed several captured fighters in Bamiyan, who admitted to being Pakistani, but without any affiliation to any official institution of the Pakistani State.
  • 14 civilians, and ICRC worker killed during bombing by Taliban - April 27, 1999
    KABUL, April 27 (AFP) - Afghanistan's Taliban Islamic militia bombed positions held by the opposition Northern Alliance late Monday and early Tuesday, killing 13 civilians, the opposition said.
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) added that one of its local staff, Abdul Rahim, was killed along with a civilian during a bombing raid on Jabul Saraj, 60 kilometres (36 miles) north of Kabul. 
    The ICRC said one civilian was killed and another two injured in the bombing raid which killed Rahim.  "He was killed on the spot together with another civilian, two more persons were injured in this raid," it said in a statement.
    "Mr. Rahim was working for the ICRC as a security guard. He was 56 years old and leaves behind his wife and eight children."
  • Opposition leader, Commander Masood assassinated by Taliban/Osama suicide squad - Sept 9, 2001
    (CNN) -- On September 9, the guerrilla leader of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance and enemy of the ruling Taliban was fatally attacked as he began what he believed was an interview with two TV journalists. Two days later, terrorists struck the United States.


Note: Post 911, we have stopped count of their criminal acts. It is too many to capture.





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