Why Hazara Americans Should Not Vote for Hillary or Trump in US Election

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Nov 7, 2016: The US Presidential Election, which also includes House and Senate races among others, is due on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016. This is one of the most contentious elections in US history where both front runners of two major parties are not just unpopular, but a significant number of their own party members accuse them of bigotry and hypocrisy.  

The GOP (Republican Party) nominee, Mr. Donald Trump, has made ‘hate mongering’ the hallmark of his campaign. The party founded on conservative Christian principles touting ‘do as Jesus do’ is now the party of the ‘AWM’ (Angry White Male) relentlessly attacking Women, the Disabled, but reserves its most potent venom for Islam and Muslims, and ‘illegal’ migrants from next door Mexico, part of America’s largest Hispanic minority. The nominee of the party is not just a racist but worst— he is a bigot. He has problem with Islam and 1.6 billion Muslims, but no problem with Middle East dictators that is making him millions through his ‘Trump’ brand properties throughout Dubai and in Middle East.  

The Democratic Party nominee, Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton, is a foreign-policy hawk that is riding on the popularity wave of President Obama. Mrs. Clinton has made no secret that her presidency is simply a continuation of Barack Obama’s administration. Her Clinton foundation recently admitted receiving one million dollars from ruler of Qatar after release of emails by Wikileaks. The Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, went as far as to say, “Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”  

The September 11, 2011, attacks (911) saw US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan resulting in ousting of Taliban terrorists because of its connection with AlQaeda.  Prior to 911, the Taliban and its AlQaeda allies were relentless in its ethnic cleansing campaign of Hazaras in Afghanistan (which has now expanded to Pakistan as well). In Mazar Sharif, for example, the Taliban executed thousands of Hazaras in a week, forbidding their bodies to be buried for days so they can rot and stray dogs can feed on them. Human Rights Watch documented several of Taliban’s ethnic cleansing campaigns of the Hazaras. Additional documentation is also provided by our website —a direct response to Taliban’s massacre of Hazaras in Mazar-e Sharif.

In nearly 15 years of US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan, the Hazaras —20% plus of Afghanistan’s population mostly in Hazarajat region—have been the most friendly people to the United States and NATO. Of the countless number of attacks on NATO resulting in thousands of deaths, there is not a single case of hostility by the Hazaras against NATO. In fact, for the NATO soldiers stationed throughout Hazarajat region, it has been nothing short of a ‘friendly vacation destination.’ Yet, the US Government of President Obama has not only been completely indifferent to the Hazaras, but making persistent efforts under ‘Peace Talks’ to bring back the Taliban terrorists into power in Afghanistan that has killed thousands of Hazaras and Americans, among others.  

In 2015, Obama Administration, with help from Qatar, negotiated release of five high value Taliban leaders from Guantanamo (Gitmo5) in exchange for the US solider Bowe Bergdahl in Taliban captivity after deserting his post. Two of the released Taliban leaders directly supervised mass murder of Hazaras in Mazar Sharif. If that wasn’t enough, President Obama added this insult to the injury:

I make absolutely no apologies – President Obama

After nearly 15 years, it is absolutely clear that the United States is working with Saudi and Qatari dictators, among others, to bring back Taliban terrorists into power. And that Hazaras and Hazarajat are invisible as far as US and NATO is concerned. This creates existential threat to the entire Hazara nation which is already under attack of Taliban and its terrorist allies across both Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

A vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton by Hazara Americans (and our friends) is a vote for Taliban and its Saudi and Qatari allies that has killed thousands of Hazaras, Americans, Afghans, and Women, among others. 

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The Hazara American Community contributed to this article.

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