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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the people behind is supported by the Hazara community and friends of Hazaras who volunteer their time and effort and share valuable information they have with us.

Are all Hazaras Shia Muslims?
No. Majority of Hazaras belong to the Shi'a sect of Islam . However many Hazaras belong to the Sunni and Ismaili sects.

What is the Percentage of Hazaras in Kabul, Afghanistan?
Hazaras make approximately 40% of Kabul's population.

Are Hazara's Pro Iran?
No country has done so much damage to the Hazaras as Iran. In the cloak of religion, this country has always tried to create rifts between Hazaras. [
more ... ]

Are Hazaras Anti-Pushtuns?
Historically the Pushtun dominated governments of Afghanistan has showed extreme prejudice towards the Hazaras. The genocide of Hazara by the Pushtun ruler Amir Abdur Rahman Khan (1890) has been documented by the British Newswriters during the year 1890's. [ see
Diaries of Kandahar ]
Michael Sample, a Hazara history expert and humanitarian aid worker, traces history for the cause of Pushtun prejudice towards the Hazaras.

Recently the Pushtun dominated Taliban have once again showed their hatred against the Hazaras. The genocide of the Hazaras  based on their religion and ethnicity has been documented by the UN, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International. [ See
Genocide of Hazaras ]

While The Taliban are majority Pushtuns, not all Pushtuns are Talibans. Hazaras in neighboring countries have had a very peacful relationship with Pushtun. One only needs to goto neighboring Pakistan where Pushtuns and Hazaras have co-existed  side by side for decades. Hazaras inside Pakistan has also been part of the Pushtunkwah Milli Party inside Pakistan and has given thousands of votes to the Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the leader of the Pushtunkwah party. Hazaras in Loralai, Quetta Pakistan has even held political alliance with Pushtuns.

What role do women play in the Hazara society ?
Hazara women play a very important role in the Hazara society. Women of Hazarajat shows the legendary role Hazara women has played in the history of Afghanistan





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