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Victims of Terrorism

Our brave young souls that fell victim to the Terrorist Jehadi outfits on June 8, 2003

Abbas Ali
Abdul Hussain
Ghulam Hussain Al-Hussani
Mohammad Ali
Perwaiz Ali
Terrorists attack kills 12 Hazara Police Cadets and critically injures 9 in Quetta, Pakistan ( June 8, 2003 ) Victims of Terrorism - June 8, 2003


Terrorists kills 12 Hazara Policemen and  injures 9 in Quetta, Pakistan



Armed Terrorists fires on a Police Van carrying the recent Hazara Police students near Subzi Mundi in Sariab, Quetta killing 11 people on the spot and critically wounding 9 other.

No groups has yet claimed any responsibility to this terrorist attack. But the pattern of killing suggests the work of  banned Terrorist groups such as Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Lashkur Janghvi which have been involved in similar type of killings in the past on the minorities in Pakistan. Both of these organizations are termed as Terrorist groups by the United States Govt and by the Govt of Pakistan.

This terrorist strike is yet another blow to the President General Pervaiz Musharref's Government in Pakistan which claims to be a major ally of the United States on the "War on Terrorism" yet have failed every single time to take stern actions against the banned terrorist groups.


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Interview with Khaliq Hazara, Naib Nazim Zargoon Town, Quetta  

Monday 9:30am Quetta time: Thousands of angry crowd were heard in the background while speaking with Khaliq Hazara on the cell phone. Khaliq Hazara updated that the crowd of thousands of people were on their way to Civil Hospital, Quetta to receive the dead bodies of the innocent victims of this naked aggression. The angry crowd of thousands could be heard as they condemned the Terrorists and the Pakistani Govt for their failure of protect the lives of their citizens.

Three day strike has been called in the city, and the city has been completely shut down. Eye witness from Alamdar Road portrays the scene of 6th July during the 80's which all the Hazaras from Quetta remember.

Khaliq Hazara confirmed the death toll to 12 victims and 9 critically wounded.

Unconfirmed report has been that the govt has been given 48 hour ultimatum to find the killers.

This is the third such incident in a week. Earlier in the week Ghulam Nabi Jeweller and his son was shot killing his son.

Hazaras account for about 300,000 of Quetta's 1.4 million population, according to government figures.

(Source: CNN )


Analysis:  Yet Another Terrorist Strike Against Innocent Hazaras

Quetta is the capital of the Southwestern Balochistan province. The official Pakistani Government figures puts the Hazara population to approx 300,000 out of 1.4 million people. Individuals who are intimately familiar with Pakistani Government figures can tell you that those figures are far from correct. Balochistan being the border state with Afghanistan (and Iran) has been the home of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees. The Hazara being the victims of the worst religious  persecution in Afghanistan for over a century has been steadily moving to Quetta. The local Hazara population over the past 23 year of Afghan war has abosorbed thousands of Hazara families who fled persecution in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban / Al-Qaida fanatics.

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