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Terrorist Attack on Hazara Mosque in Quetta, Pakistan - July 4, 2003

On July 4, 2003 - Terrorists armed with hand grenades, AK-47 and home-made bombs enters into Hazara Imambargah on Mechangi Road in Quetta, Pakistan. The 3 terrorists sprays the worshippers with bullets from AK-47 (banned assault weapons) for more then 10 minutes, and throws hand-grenades and home made bombs. These fanatics terrorists are from Wahabi sect who are financially backed by the Saudi Government - one of the main Wahabi government.

These Wahabi terrroists have also gunned down our other brothers and sisters from moderate Sunni sects of Islam,  Christians, and other minorities in their places of worships to create an environment of hate in Pakistan. 

Inside Pakistan, these terrorists have wide support from the elements who supported Taliban / Al-Qaida regime in Afghanistan. Some of the main terror networks behind these attacks are Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangvi.

It is also widely known that the Pakistan army intelligence have played a pivotal role in the creation and nurturing of such terror networks in the past. This support is the result that Pakistani government has always hesitated to take stern action against these terror networks.

This is the second terrorist attack within a month. The first terrorist attack killed twelve young Hazara police cadets and critically wounded nine others.

Death Toll / Injured : 53 killed , 65 wounded

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UPDATE: Sept 10, 2003

AL-QAIDA link behind Hazara Killings

Last week the Inspector General Police of Balochistan Province Dr. Shuaib Saddle in a press briefing disclosed that this terrorist group who is responsible for latest quetta attacks has strong link with  a foreign terrorist group. However he didn't mention the name of this foreign terrorist group but disclosed that one of the key suspect and master mind of these two attacks i.e Hazara police recruits and Hazara Immambargah, DAUD BADINI is the brother in law of international Al-Qaeda terrorist RAMZI YOUSUF(Master mind of world trade centre attack) who is now in USA custody. It clearly shows that this terrorist group definitely has link with Al-Qaeda. It must be noted that marriage out of tribe is a kind of taboo among tribal set-up of Baloch tribes. If it has occurred between a un-known Arab and a local baloch then it must be on ideological ground.

According IG Police this group consist of 12 persons, Three of them have been killed in Hazara Immambargah incident , two key suspects DAUD BADINI AND SAIFULLAH KURD ARE fugitive and the rest have been arrested.He added that because the both master planner and key suspects have not been arrested therefore the police couldn't find the link between them and foreign group.

The most serious and worried matter is this that the master mind of all these terror attacks are still free and the chance and possibility of an other attack is very high. It must be mentioned that this terrorist group is a local organization of LASHKAR-E-JHANGAVI.



Killers Daud Badini and Saifullah Kurd have "mysteriously" escaped from a Very High Security Pakistan Jail, and as of Feb 18, 2009, they are still on the loose.

Keep in mind that Lashkar-e Jhangvi has been supported by the Secretive Pakistan Army Intelligence (ISI). These terrorists belong to a Wahabi / Salafi sect of Islam that is preached in Saudi Arabia (a country that was heavily involved in supporting the Afghan Jihad and these elements in Afghanistan).



July 4, 2003 - Terrorist attack on Hazara Imambargah - Quetta, Pakistan killing 53 people and injuring 65


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