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  • Bamyan, Afghanistan: In a country where government is struggling to promote education because of Taliban's constant threat, education is flourishing in Hazara populated areas of Afghanistan.
    Photographer: Hameed
    Gallery: [ more pictures ] Oct, 2011

02 01 09
  • Hazarajat or Hazaristan - the heart of the Hazara homeland that was illegally annexed into today's Afghanistan mostly after the genocide of Hazaras during 1890's. The rugged and magnificent beauty is reflective of the nature of its inhabitants - the Hazaras.
    Photographer: Muzafar Ali
    Gallery: [ more pictures ] - Oct, 2011
Bamyan-Band-e-Amir-Yakawlang-1 Bamyan-Tago-Barg-Village-in-Punjao-District Parwan-Shekh-Ali-district-in-Parwan-Province





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