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National Atlas of Peoples Democratic of Afghanistan
Printed in Poland, 1980


   The National Atlas of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan is the outcome of a joint effort of two countries: Afghanistan and Poland, united in the bonds of friendship. In 1980, the Government of the Polish People's Republic made a decision to prepare  and subsidize the Atlas, and thus to participate in the aid programmes designed to give help to this befriended country. The task was entrusted to the Geodesy and Cartography Head Office in Poland.

   The project was also inspired by UNDP within the United Nations Organization's scheme of assistance to the developing countries.

   Work was started in 1977, when the concept of the Atlas was propounded and some cartographical and statistical material was collected. Editorial work began in January 1983 and was completed in December 1984.  The Atlas is not only Afghanistan's first National Atlas but also its first original collection of thematic maps, made in co-operation with the at country's specialists. The cartographical and statistical source materials for the maps were chiefly collated in  Afghanistan, but the final versions of most maps were mainly produced by Polish specialists, working in GEOKART or in other Polish scientific centres, though the Afghan specialists also co-operated in this domain. All editorial work was made by the cartographic staff of GEOKART. The Atlas was prepared for printing and printed by the Military Cartographical Establishment in Warsaw.

   The Atlas is issued in two language versions, in English and in Dari. It comprises 63 maps on 36 pages, illustrating almost all important aspects within Afghanistan's physical and socio-economic geography. Diagrams are also drawn in certain maps since they may be useful for a better understanding of the problems presented. The equi-area azimuthal projection was selected for all atlas maps excluding two world maps which have been prepared in Gall's method. The Atlas is based on possibly most recent (1975-1981) data, and the administrative division is even that introduced in 1984. The state boundaries of Afghanistan were depicted according to the standpoint of the Afghanistan government.

   Besides the maps, the Atlas provides also a short text concerned with the environment and economy of Afghanistan and an index of geographical names.

   We hope that the newly published National Atlas of Afghanistan will be of assistance to all who wish for a better understanding of the country's many environmental aspects and that it will also contribute to the most discerning use of its resources. We wish to express our deep gratitude to all, both from Afghanistan and Poland, who have made the publication of the Atlas possible.





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