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Taliban kills 9 Hazaras in Khas, Uruzgan - June 25, 2010

Annual Taliban Kuchi's attack on Hazara Homeland

2-Hazaras killed in Khawat &Nauer Attack in Ghazni (June 5, 2010)
70 Villages burned, 5 Hazara including children killed, over 4000 families displaced in Behsud and Daimirdad
kuchi or Taliban?
White Taliban flag is visible on pickup truck with looted belongings of Hazara families killed in Behsud
  Demonstration across major cities in Australia - May 30, 2010
News Update - June 5, 2010
  • Kuchi attack on Khawat, Nawor (Ghazni province). Two more Hazaras killed. Heavy fighting continues as of last report. Kuchi/Taliban uses heavy weapon during their newest attack.
  • Afghan Govt, NATO, ISAF - Once again unnable and unwilling to stop the killings of innocent Hazaras by the Taliban Kochis.
  • Split in Hazara Leadership: Mohaqiq, Khalili and many others once again cozy up with Karzai
  • Hazaras pinning hope on leadership from a newly formed group "Rah-e Nau" - a coalition of Seven MPs that includes names such as Ahmad Behzad (former journalist Radio Liberty) from Herat, Sarwar Jawadi from Waras (Bamyan province), and Fahimi Balkhabi.
  • Peace Jirga - a SHAM with majority representation from one ethnic block. Mohqiq, Dostom sends delegation, while Dr. Abdullah decides not to join. Rah-e Nau MPs boycotts the jirga.
  • Parliament Sit-In ends, but public Sit-In/Protest continues by the new MP block
  • Reports from Behsood and Daimirdad still shows Kuchi presence in the area.


Update - June 04, 2010
  • 708 families originally from Sar-e-Tanoor, Sar-e-Tala, Charpakhsa, Dasht-e-Abdul Khaliq, Dahan-e-Garmab& Shar-e-Niro villages/settlements of Hisa-I- Awali Bihsud (Behsood I) district were reported as displaced. Of which, 400 families fled to safer southern areas within the district (mainly to Sia Sang, Jamil, Awdila & Dan-e-Tanor villages/settlements) and an approximately 308 families to Kabul city (Dasht-e-Barchi) and 5 families to Bamyan

  • 300 families originally from Kajab-e-bala, Mir Hazara & Bad Asya villages/settlements of Markazi Bihsud (Behsood II) district were displaced.

  • All of the families were fled to safer villages in south and west of Kajab valley within the district (mainly to Paye-e Kotal-e-Mollah Yaqob and surrounding villages and Moshak Valley)

  • 800 families originally from Day Mirdad-ed-Bala, Day Mirdad-e-Payin & Tizak villages/settlements of Day Mirdad district were reported displaced. Of which, all the families reportedly fled to Kabul city (Dasht-e-Barchi)


Highlights of kuchi Attack - May 28, 2010
  • Taliban in the guise of kuchis (nomads) attacked Hazara area in Behsud and Daimirdad in Wardak [province] on Sunday, May 16, 2010

  • Five innocent Hazaras have been killed by Taliban: 3 in Behsud, 2 in Tezak (unconfirmed if this happened in Tizak) including children, 70 villages destroyed or burned (in Daimirdad district in Wardak province) and about four thousand people are left homeless. Many families are missing their loved ones. Taliban are still in control of the occupied areas.

  • Confrontation ongoing in Nawur in Ghazni province.

  • The parliament sit-in continues by the Hazara MPs (Members of Afghan Assembly)

  • The police, soldiers, ISAF and NATO have not stopped the killing of innocent Hazaras, and burning of Hazara villages. If anything the police have stood idly by while the Taliban were on their onslaught.

  • Hazaras plan to boycott the Peace Jirga that is to be held in Kabul in a few days. We have received news that the opposition figures such as Dr. Abdullah is also boycotting the Jirga

  • The Kuchis claim that they have Nama (letter) from previous kings from the past 32 years giving them rights to lands all over Afghanistan.
    Note: Pushtuns have ruled Afghanistan for hundreds of years favoring their own ethnicity at the expense of others in Afghanistan. For the past 100 years, Hazaras have been the most persecuted minority in Afghanistan [ See 1890 genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan, and ethnic cleansing of Hazaras by Taliban ]

  • Last year when Karzai needed the Hazara votes, the Kuchis did not come to Hazarajat. This means that he and the Pashtun leadership have the power to keep them away.

  • The Kuchis and the Taliban are one and the same. In fact the Taliban come to Hazarajat under the guise of Kuchis. See above video that shows Taliban flag on the pickup truk with looted belongings of Hazara families.

  • The Hazara leadership is not totally unified on the position that should be taken vis-a-vis the Kuchis. There is some possibility of a general strike in Kabul. [Recall Hazaras make approximately 40% of population in Kabul]

  • Sources say, in the past, Afghan Government has paid 100Million Afghanis to kuchis as compensation for loss of their grazing rights



Kuchi News from other sources


Background Information on kuchi Conflict
  • Reality of Afghan Kuchis - May 5, 2002
    For over two centuries, the Pushtun rulers of Afghanistan played the Kochee (Pushtun Nomads) card in inflating their population to gain political benefits in Afghanistan



Hazara protests around the World

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