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Annual Taliban Kuchi's attack on Hazara Homeland

Kuchi Attack on Hazarajat
"two thousand armed Kuchis with the Taliban's flags are deployed to the area to attack the unarmed local people in Kajab, Diamerdad and Tayzak districts" - Mohaqiq

Taliban Kuchis (nomads) set mosque and several hundred copies of Quran on fire inBehsud.

burned-Quran-behsood burned-Quran-behsood2



Burnt copies of the Qurans deliberately set on fire by Taliban Kuchis


shaheed-Mir-Hussain shaheed-Reza shaheed-Ewaz
Shaheed Mir Hussain
Shaheed Reza
Shaheed Ewaz


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Annual killing spree of Hazaras by Taliban Kuchis: Three Hazaras murdered in Daimirdad and Behsud in the Heart of Hazara nation (illegally annexed into what is known as Afghanistan today) - June 4, 2012

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