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Urgent !! Please send a complaint to BBC

The News URL Title : "Leading Pushtun Quits Afghan Talks" - Nov 30, 2001

Misleading part of News:

    "Pashtuns account for about 40% of Afghanistan's population, followed by Tajiks - the biggest
    group in the Northern Alliance - with 25%. Hazaras make up some 15%."   

Hazaras believe and can prove their population to be 25% or more. But by any account we are no less then 19%.

BBC writes Hazara population as 20% - Nov 15
Other Sources: Time Magazine, CNN, CIA Website  quote Hazaras as atleast 19% (  the Ismaili, and Sunni Hazaras have been excluded to show the Hazara population as 19% )

Please send a complaint to BBC for their irresponsible reporting.
BBC Complaint Email: or you can go to the following URL for compalint : BBC Complaint page.

While complaining please

  • be polite, consice, and to the point
  • give your name and phone number ( if you want to be contacted)
  • point them to contact for correct information about Hazaras. Our email is :

More info on Media contacts -  address, emails, phone etc.






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