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Letter to UN by Hazara Students Federation (HSF), Pakistan

Honorable Lakhdar Brahimi,

First of all I would say that with the presence of a senior diplomat like you involved in the Afghanistan issue, we hope that a just political system will be established where every ethnic group will be represented proportionate to their population. I would like to bring some facts to your attention that may relate to the political resolution of Afghanistan:

1.     There has never been an official census conducted in Afghanistan.

2.     Pushtoons, being the traditional ruling class, are afraid of losing their dominancy and other oppressed ethnic groups, due to further persecution and deprivation, are exaggerating their population size to such figures that if it is calculated, may exceed 200%.

Facts relevant to Hazaras:

1.     Hazaras are the only ethnic group that has three sectarian beliefs i.e., Shiite, Ismaelia and Suni.

2.     They have been subjected to the worst persecution, exploitation and deprivation on the basis of language, race and creed. A century ago, the Pushtoon despot, King Abdur Rahman, waged a unilateral war whereby he wiped out, enslaved or exiled 70% of their population, (Ghubar a famous afghan historian. Page, No. 670.and many other historians).

3.     Regretfully, even in 21st century, efforts are willfully being made to deprive them of basic human rights, which is evident of recent statements made by prejudiced Pustoons and the Government of Pakistan that Hazaras comprise only 2% of the population in Afghanistan.

Honorable Sir,  as it is mentioned above, a census has never been conducted in Afghanistan. However, a survey was carried out by a famous international organization, "the World Almanac and Book of Facts," in which the ethnic proportion of population in Afghanistan was reported as follows:

 Pushtoon.        38%,

Tajek.             25%,

Hazara.           19%,

Uzbek.               6%,

Others.            12%.  (Ref; National Independent Federation vol.6, page No.109)

The same figures of ethnic proportion are mentioned in Time magazine Oct 15, 2001.  In the map Hazaras are shown only in Central Afghanistan while a large numbers of them are dwelling in Northern Provinces i.e. Samangan, Baghlan, Kunduz, Bulkh, Badakhshan and western provinces of Hirat and Badghais (Suni Hazaras of Qala-e-nau). If their population is included in, the percentage of Hazara population will rise above 25%.

In order to substantiate my point, I would like to send you a map published in the Atlas of Democratic Government of Afghanistan, which was prepared as a joint project of the Government of Afghanistan, Government of Poland and UNDP in 1987. Although there are some defects in this map such as the Hazaras of Qala-e-nau being shown as Tajiks, this map is considered the most reliable official source in Afghanistan.

We are sending this letter and supporting documents in order to help you in establishing a fair, just and stable broad-based government in Afghanistan, where all ethnic groups will be given a share proportionate to their actual population size. We hope that this time the United Nations will not allow any group or country to encroach upon the human rights of others and exploit the oppressed ethnic groups in Afghanistan.








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