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"We and Our Future"

Hazara Students Federation ( HSF )

A national seminar under the title of "we and our future" held by Hazara Student Federation in view of rapid political changes in region at Tajai Kho Complex Quetta on Nov 11, 2001.

A large number of participants attended this seminar and Hazara scholars such as Professor Nazir Hussain, Mohammad Jawad Esar, HSF president Mohammad Ali Aali, Mohammad Tahir Khan Hazara, Ali Riza Mongole, Rukhsana Ahmad (Nazim), Mustafa Shahid and Muslim Danish presented their papers. They discussed the various issues of political, social, economical, educational facing Hazaras in present era. At the end of session the audience unanimously passed the following resolutions.


  1. The seminar regrets at large over the losses of civilian lives and properties in Afghanistan and demanded the coalition powers for targeting centers of international terrorists and drug mafia godfathers do that oppressed Afghans could get free from their hands.
  2. The seminar demanded establishing of broad based interim government under supervision of UNO in which representatives of all ethnic groups are made confirm in accordance with their population.
  3. The seminar demanded UNO to present those who commited mass civilian massacre during Taliban barbaric regime and also those who destroyed the great human cultural heritage of two giant Budh statues in Bamyan before the international court of justice.
  4.  The seminar demanded UNO and other international aid agencies for providing relief goods to Hazara Jat like other parts of Afghanistan as soon as possible because they have been suffering from sever drought for last several years.
  5. The seminars warned the Iranian fanatics not to repeat the conspiracy of creating drift in Hazaras brotherhood in Afghanistan.
  6. The seminar also condemned the sectarian killings in Pakistan and specially in Balochistan province happened recently and demanded the government to not only impose ban immediately to all terrorist sectarian groups but also award sever punishment whosoever involve in this evil activities.







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