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Note to the Readers: This page compares and contrasts the Fitwas (Religious decrees) deeming the Hazaras as infidels by the Pushtun Ruler of Afghanistan, Amir Abdur Rahman Khan over 100 years ago with the Religious decree issued by the Taliban - the Pushtun militia that has committed the genocide of Hazaras based on their faith, and ethnicity starting August 1998 in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. The Taliban extremists believe in the Deobandi sect of Islam (a close ally of Salafi/Wahabis) and are supported by the rulers of Saudi Arabia in their goal to accomplish the genocide of Hazaras.

We would like to make a note that the information presented here is documented by independent sources and in no way mean to blindly show our prejudice against any other ethnic group. While the Taliban are mainly Pushtuns, not all Pushtuns are Taliban. Our aim is to bring the truth before the World and to educate our Hazara youth about the events that have forced them, their parents, and forefathers to live in foreign lands.

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6th  AUGUST 1892,  KABUL - by Amir Abdur Rahman Khan (the Pushtun ruler of Afghanistan)

Translation of a letter addressed by His Highness the Amir to the Suni Mullas and preachers of Afghanistan.      ( quoted from Diaries of Kandahar )           

News. D.No.341 F. No.4800, dated Quetta, the 12th August 1892.
From-Major-General Sir James Browne, K.C.S.I., C.B.,R.E., Agent to the governor-general in Baluchistan,
To-The Secretary to the Government of India, Foreign Department.
News-letter.No. 32.
By Khan Bahadur Mirza Muhammad Taki Khan, 6th August 1892.

6. Two hundred notifications, together with the same number of letters, have been received from Kabul by the Mullas and preachers of Kandahar. The letters contain instructions as to how the notifications should be observed. The purport of the notification is briefly as follows:-

"When the houses of certain Hazara rebels were plundered, a small book was found in which curses and imprecations were invoked upon the heads of the Ashabs or Khalifas. It appears from this that the Hazaras and other Shias believe in and approve of this, and those Shias who assert that it is not allowable in their religion to abuse the Khalifas, speak falsely, because it is also mentioned in the Hyat-ul-Kutub composed by Mulla Muhammad Bakir, Majlisi, who is one of the most renowned priests of the Shias, that it is allowable to curse the Khalifas. I have, therefore, sent the small book to the Mullas of Shariat, who have ruled that the Shias are to be considered as infidels, and the purport of this award is also set forth in the notification. The notification should, therefore, be read out in the mosques every Friday, and the Shias should be informed of the award given against them."

After the arrival of this notification, the Shias of Kandahar were summoned to Darbar, and informed of the contents of the notification. They are now being called upon to attend the mosques, and say their prayers along with the Sunis, and to change their faith as Shias, and follow the manners and customs of the Sunis. In case they do not do this, they will all be put to death, and their houses and property will be plundered. The Shias have no alternative but to obey the order. The receipt of the notification has been a boon to the Mullas of the mosques, as merely to fill their own pockets they are calling upon the Shias to attend worship five times a day, and also to defray all the expenses of students in the mosques. The Sunis of Kandahar have been so emboldened by the notification that they openly call the Shias infidels, and treat them with the utmost contempt. False claims are constantly being preferred against Shias by Sunis, and the Kazis openly show partiality towards the latter. What the result of this treatment will be remains to be seen. It appears that the object of His Highness the Amir in circulating this notification is to excite the Sunis against the Hazaras who are Shias, and thus to induce them to willingly fight against them. The people of Kandahar, however, do not seem to show any sympathy with the Urzagan expedition. The result of this notification is that the animosity and ill-feeling ever existing between the Sunis and Shias, and which has been latent since the time of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan, up to two years ago, has been now revived, and is even more intense than it ever was. I beg to enclose herewith a copy of the letter from His Highness the Amir, directing the Mullas to observe the notifications.

Translation of a letter addressed by His Highness the Amir to the Suni Mullas and preachers of Afghanistan:

"     Let it be known to all the respectable Mullas and preachers authorised to say prayers on Friday in the mosques that the infidels, namely, the Shias, who, at the instigation of those devils, the priests, have thought fit to abuse the Khalifas, are also living in Afghanistan. The fact of their observing such a faith is due to their ignorance of the true religion, for if they had any knowledge or understanding, they would not, for the sake of their affection for their spiritual guide (Ali), have abused the fathers-in-law and friends of the Prophet, and would not have used such abuse as a method of worship, and they would not have proved their friendship to be the friendship of the bear.Under the circumstances it is proper for a wise king to warn those of his subjects who have gone astray, and to induce them by way of advice and exhortation to abandon the false faith, and follow the true path of Islam. If their infidelity is due to their ignorance, they ought to grasp the true facts of a true religion. After this they will remain happy, but if they persist in their false faith, they should all be put to death, and their property confiscated in accordance with the divine doctrine and the precepts of the Prophet. I have, therefore with a view to bring this stray flock to the true faith, ordered that they should be preached to and exhorted to give up their false religion. If they do not listen to the advice and preaching of the Sunis, it will be absolutely necessary that they should be put to death. Those Sunis, who will not act willingly in this matter, will also be counted infidels. I have printed and sent you several notifications, containing the orders and precepts to be read to the Shias. What you have now to do is, after the prayer on Friday when all the people are collected together, to ascend the pulpit and read out with as much eloquence as you are capable of, and explain the meaning of the precepts of the Prophet contained therein. All present in the mosque should be given clearly to understand the real meaning of the notification. When this has been done, the Friday prayers should be read, and the usual sermon preached. The reading out of this notification should be considered as an essential part of the worship on Friday. Those Mullas, who neglect to invariably read out the notification on Friday, will be dismissed from their posts. Further, those who are unable to read Arabic or Persian fluently, should not be permitted to perform the duties of a Mulla; the Kazi of the place and the Hakim of the district should examine all the Mullas and preachers, and distribute the notifications to those only who are fully qualified to read them out. A receipt from the preacher should be obtained for the notification in his possession. All Mullas in possession of these notifications should keep them carefully, and in order that the paper on which they are written should not be easily torn or destroyed, a piece of cloth should be affixed to the back of it to prevent its being easily worn out. "


Note:  For details of this fitwa and the details of horrific massacres of Hazaras starting the year 1892, please read the Diaries of Kandahar on


10th AUGUST 1998, MAZAR SHARIF by Taliban Militia (the Pushtun Militia that calls Hazaras Infidel )

 "… Do you know last year you fired us from every house? You killed 10,000 Talibs, those who Memorized Quranic Verses in their chests.

Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Turkmans are brothers. Turkmans are good people. They have never fired on us.

Hazara should study their hundred years ago history. What you become? If you won't be honest, all of you will be killed.

Where do you escape? If you go to Bamyan, it is in our control. Every where in Afghanistan you go, will be our territory. I am clearly saying that if you are not hand over and not show your honesty, either you will be killed or  thrown out of the country or you like Hindus you should pay us. If even one fire come from your side, we will put on fire  the entire area.

If you want to live along with other Afghan ethnic groups, you should never think of sharing and participating in the future government structure.

Hazaras! Where are you escaping? If you jumped in to the air we will grasp your legs, if you enter the earth we will grasp your ears. Hazaras are not Muslim. You can killed them. it is not a sin.

Oh Hazaras! Become Muslims and pray God as us.

We won't let you to go away. Every border is in our control.

10,000 Talibs came last year as guest but you kill them. we will kill you the same way you killed them.

They must remain unburied on streets for three days. We kill you and no body is allowed to bury the death bodies till three days…"



Note:  For details of this fitwa and the details of horrific massacres of Hazaras starting the year 1998, please read the Massacre in Mazar-e Sharif page on






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