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Supporters of the Taliban regime

-  The Taliban movement is formally recognized as the legitimate government by:

Sept 22, 2001. UAE has cut diplomatic ties with Taliban.
- Sept 25, 2001: Saudi Arabia has cut diplomatic ties with Afghanistan
- Nov 22, 2001: Pakistan cuts diplomatic tie with Taliban


Countries Involved in the Massacre of Hazaras

Saudi Arabia:

Two motives comes in mind for the direct involvement of the Saudi Govt. in the massacre of the Hazaras (and the Shiites in Pakistan.)

1. Spread of Wahabism. There are two main factions in Islam: Sunnite and Shiites. Among the Sunnites, the Saudi Government believe in the Wahabi form of Islam with extremist and radical beliefs. The Wahabis consider the Shiites as Non- Muslims and believe killing them is not a sin. Details of killings of Hazaras in Mazar-e Sharif and Bamyan in 1998 and the speeches given by the Taliban leadership such as  Mullah Manon Niazi, the appointed Governor of Mazar is a living proof. [1] Besides the Taliban website is full of such nonsense. Although it is funny that the people who issue the religious decree (fitwa) for killing the Hazaras in Afghanistan themselves are far away from the real teachings of Islam. The Arab world, including the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE are full of monarchs, and dictators (such as Saddam). Islam strictly prohibits Kings and monarchs.

2. The Oil Connection. Saudi Oil companies had major shares ( second to the US based Oil giant, UNOCAL) in the Centgas consortium. The project involved building an oil pipeline from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to Pakistan and potentially to India. The Taliban Govt. in Afghanistan could serve two purpose for Saudi Arabia. First, a Wahabi extremist Govt. that is controlled by Saudi Govt. Second, a Taliban govt. in Afghanistan could guarantee the safety of the Oil Pipelines.


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Post Sept 11, 2001 Update:



What is the motive for Pakistan to see Taliban prevail in Afghanistan at the cost of her own sovereignty?

Following reasons comes to mind:

  • By having a puppet govt. in Afghanistan, Pakistan can guaranty the safety of Oil Pipelines under plan that would deliver oil from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to Pakistan.
    Pakistan, no doubt would benefit enormously from this oil pipeline.
  • By securing a puppet govt. in Afghanistan, Pakistan aims to spread its influence that can be crucial against her one and only long term enemy, India.
  • By allowing the extremist and radical elements backed by Saudi Arabia's Wahabi Govt., Pakistan hopes to get financial help and preferential treatment from the Arab world.

Such policy can backfire easily as we can see it right now.  The Govt. of Pakistan is helpless to stop the extremists from killing the Shiite minority even in Pakistan by the well known arm groups that are funded by the Saudi Govt., such as Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) , Lashkar Jhangvi, Sawad Azam etc. Pakistan and Afghanistan is an ideal breading ground for these extremists elements and their activities.

Taliban Leadership educated in Pakistani Madrassas:  In  YEAR 1998 (taken from Taliban website)

  • Governor of Jalalabad and his Deputy is a student of Jami'ah Haqqaniah, Akora Khattak Peshawar.
  • Judge of Jalalabad High Court and its Qazi were both educated in another Madrassah in Peshawar
  • Taliban UN Representative - Maulana Abdul Hakim is a student of Binori Town, Karachi
  • Taliban ambassador in Islamabad, Muhammad M'asoom Afghani is a student of Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi.
  • Afghan Envoy in Karachi acquired religious education from Jamiah Hammadiah.

 Pakistan also provides the communication modes such as telephone and wireless to the Taliban.

Post Sept 11, 2001 Updates:

Killings of Shia (and other) Minorities in Pakistan

  • Victims of Wahabism - List of all the Shia minorities killed in Pakistan by the Sipah e Sahaba and other Jihadi parties during years:  1990 to 2001.

Note: Sipah e Sahaba (Army of the Companions), best described as Sipah e Yazid (Laeen ibn e Laeen) is a Wahabi/Deobandi terrorist organisation which is being funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by the Wahabi ranks in Pakistan Army's ISI. Lashkar e Jhangavi is the death squad of Sipah e Sahaba. Riaz Basra, chief of the Lashkar, is being sheltered by the Wahabi Taliban in Afghanistan.

With the financial backing from Saudi Arabia and ammunition, protection and training from the Pakistan government, Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangavi have been openly killing Shias in Pakistan for many years now. Hiding behind the name of Sahaba Ikram (RA), these Wahabi terrorists tried to portray themselves as Sunni Muslims. But alhamdolillah the Sunni Muslims of Pakistan openly denounced these Wahabis and their terrorist activities. When they were rejected by the Sunni Muslims, the Sipah e Sahaba started killing the Sunni Ulema and leaders as well.

United Arab Emirates (UAE):  
[ Sept 22, 2001 UPDATE: UAE today has cut all the diplomatic ties with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been refusing to hand over suspected terrorist Osama Bin Laden who is wanted for the bombings of  the World Trade Center in the United States.



This country has a history of discrimination against the Hazaras. No country has done so much damage to the Hazaras as much as Iran. 




[ 1] - For reference, we have provided the text here for you. For more information follow this link on Mazar Killings. The Following speech was given by Mullah Manon Niazi, the appointed Governor or Mazar, after the Taliban massacred 15,000 Hazaras and raped women.

"If you want to live along with other Afghan ethnic groups, you should never think of sharing and participating in the future government structure. Hazaras! Where would you escape? If you jumped in to the air we will grasp your legs, if you enter the earth we will grasp your ears. Hazaras are not Muslim. You can kill them. It is not a sin. Oh Hazaras! Become Muslims and pray God like us. We won't let you to go away. Every border is in our control. 10,000 Talibs came last year as guest but you kill them. we will kill you the same way you killed them. They must remain unburied on streets for three days. We will kill you and nobody is allowed to bury the dead bodies till three days…"







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