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Note to the reader: The following list of books on Hazaras are compiled by Mr. Ishaq Muhammadi and other Hazaras for more than two decades. 

  • See DOWNLOAD page for PDF formats of many of the books mentioned in this section.

Books & Journals in Urdu, Persian, and Hazargi -  The following page contains all the list of books and journals on Hazaras in Urdu (national language of Pakistan), Persian (Iran) and Hazargi (the language that the Hazara people speak)

  • Bisat-e-Shatranj - a new book in Dari, written by Hassan Raza Changezi and Qais
  • Osama and Rai Ama (Osama Bin Laden in the view of News Media) - by Rehmat Bahriab

Books on Hazara's 

Unpublished Work -

By Part - the following books contains partial contents on the Hazaras.





Book Title: Farhang Adbiat Hazaragi: Zurb-ul Imsal O Muhawarat
Author : Late (Shaheed) Hussain Yousufi
Publisher: Hazaragi Academy
Price: $15 (approximately)
Available from: Norban Books

Summary: Launch ceremony by Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) on June 6th, 2010. Book contains a life time work on collection of over 3000 Hazaragi proverbs translated in three languages (Dari, English, Urdu) simultaneously.



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