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UPDATE: As of Jan 30, the death count has reached 108, and 120 injuries with still in critical condition.

  • Jan 30 - Hakeem, brother of Superintendent Police (SP) Faqir, critically wounded during the Jan 10 blast passes away in Karachi bringing the victim's list to 108

  • Mother of Shaheed Irfan Ali - victim of bomb blast - passes away at her son's grave. Irfan (not Irfan Khudi, who also lost his life in this blast) was the oldest of five siblings and the only bread earner of the family [GEO TV News]

  • Jan 16 - Hazara community sources confirmed one Australian resident was killed and an Australian citizen from Adelaide was seriously injured, and there are unconfirmed reports of at least two other Australian citizens or residents killed in Thursday night's blast in Pakistan, which targeted a snooker hall in one of two Hazara enclaves in Quetta, Balochistan [ The Australian ]

  • Jan 15 - Ahmed Wais s/o Lal Mohammad, critically wounded in the twin-bomb attack, passed away due to injuries, bringing the victims list to 107.

  • Jan 14 - Syed Dawood Agha, president of Balochistan Shia Conference (party of religious right) was quoted in BBC URDU who confirmed burial of 83 bodies and reported 7 bodies are still missing; one body was beyond recognition and was sent to the hospital morgue; 28 injured are sent to Agha Khan hospital in Karachi of which 3 are reportedly in critical condition; all are male.

Courtesy: Mechid TV and HazaraNews

Victim's List (partial) - based on Figure1

  1. Kamran Ali s/o Haji Jan Ali
  2. Shabbir Ahmed s/o Naseer Ahmed
  3. Abdullah s/o Boston Ali
  4. Qurban Ali s/o Deedar Ali
  5. Syed Ahmed s/o Syed Musa Jan
  6. Ali Raza s/o Mohammad Sharif
  7. Ramzan Ali s/o Mohammad Ibrahim
  8. Mohammad Jaffar s/o Mohammad Afzal
  9. Mohammad Ali s/o Ahmed Ali
  10. Munawar Hussain s/o Ali Madad
  11. Syed Muzaffar s/o Syed Essa
  12. Basharat Ali s/o Ghulam Nabi
  13. Sadaqat Ali s/o Ghulam Nabi
  14. Syed Maisam s/o Syed Zakir Shah
  15. Wajid Hussain s/o Gulab Hussain
  16. Zaheer Abbas s/o Bostan Ali
  17. Mohammad Mehdi s/o Hussain Baksh
  18. Mohammad Murtaza s/o Ghulam Rasool
  19. Abbas Ali Matoom s/o Mohammad Ali
  20. Liaqat Ali s/o Hussain Ali
  21. Nazir Hussain s/o Mohammad Nabi (Policeman)
  22. Ibrar Hussain s/o Ghulam Hassan
  23. Karbalai Ashraf s/o Karbalai Mohammad Musa
  24. Mohammad Ali s/o Mohammad Hussain
  25. Irfan Ali s/o Ishaq Ali
  26. Mohammad Hassan s/o Mohammad Musa
  27. Mujtaba Hussain s/o Abdul ... (father name not legible)
  28. Shahid Abbas s/o Khudadad
  29. Mirza Hussain s/o Mohammad Ishaq
  30. Shah Hussain s/o Rehan Shah
  31. Zeeshan Haider s/o Mohammad Raza
  32. Habib-ullah s/o Mirza Khadim Hussain
  33. Ahsan Ali s/o Ghulam Haider
  34. Waqar Hussain s/o Mohammad Hussain
  35. Murtaza Baig s/o Mustafa Baig
  36. Mohammad Arif s/o Ali Hassan
  37. Haji Pervaiz s/o Haji Mohammad Tahir
  38. Jamshed Ahmed s/o Bashir Ahmed
  39. Irfan Ali s/o Faqir Mohammad ... (father name not legible)
  40. Name not readable
  41. Mohammad Ali LALA s/o Mirza Ghulam Nabi
  42. Imdad Hussain s/o Najaf Ali
  43. Khadim Hussain s/o Najaf Ali
  44. Nasir Hussain s/o Najaf Ali
  45. Jamshed Ahmed s/o Ghulam Hazrat
  46. Mirza Iqbal Hussain s/o Mirza Ghazanfar Ali
  47. Syed Noor Agha s/o Syed Asghar Shah
  48. Haji Ali Ahmed s/o Mohammad Sarwar
  49. Syed Dawar Haider Naqvi s/o Shahid Abbas Naqvi
  50. Syed Sajjad Akbar s/o Syed Ali Akbar
  51. Abdul Hameed s/o Haji Abdul Qayyum Changezi
  52. Tayyab Hussain s/o Haji Tahir Hussain
  53. Noor Ahmad s/o Faiz Mohammad
  54. Haji Mazhar Ali s/o late Mukhtar Ali
  55. Ali Nawaz s/o Ali Akbar
  56. Asad Ali s/o Haji Aziz
  57. Mohammad Idrees s/o Abdul Hadi (father name not legible)
  58. Mohammad Hashim s/o Mohammad Qasim
  59. Arif Hussain s/o Mohammad Jawad
  60. DSP Mujahid Ali (Quaid-Abad Police Station)
  61. Imran Sheikh, Camera Man Samaa TV
  62. Saif Ul Rehman, News Reporter
  63. Mirza Iqbal Ali, NNI Photographer

Injured (partial): 150+ reported injured.

  1. Muhammad Idrees Mechid TV reporter & ex Reporter Samaa TV, currently reporter or SUCH TV
  2. Jamil, Satellite Engr
  3. Ibrahim
  4. Hassan, Injured NNI Photographer
  5. Superintendent Police (SP) Quaid Abad Police Station, Khalid





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