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Terrorist Attack on Quetta-Bound Bus Carrying Hazaras and Shia Pilgrims: 13 Killed, 30+ Injured
June 28, 2012

(Photo courtesy: Dawn News)

Initial reports suggests a car packed between 15 to 40 Kg of explosives was used to target a bus coming from Taftan (border to Iran) near Hazarganji, Quetta. Bus was carrying between 40 and 80 passengers, majority of whom are reported to be Hazaras.


1. Baba Ali
2. Taswer Nisa
3. Hussain Ali
4. Ejaz Ali
5. Mohd Ali
6. Shah Hussain
7. Amir Hussain
8. Ali Yawar
9. Roshan Ali (Police Officer - ASI)
10. Ghulam Rasool ( Police constable )






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