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Hazara.net is a NON-PROFIT site focused on the human rights of Hazaras and the promotion of Hazara culture.


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Courtesy: RAWA – Mid May, 1999 – Non-Hazara residents of Herat, Afghanistan, goes on with their daily routine as the body of Hazara is seen hanged from a tree during the genocidal campaign of Hazaras by Taliban. The Taliban were officially recognized by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates.


On August 8, 1998, the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists massacred between 8,000 and 16,000 Hazaras in a killing frenzy that continued non-stop for a week. To show their extreme hatred towards Hazaras, they killed hundreds of Hazara men by slitting their throat, as they put it, the “Halal way”,  Hazara daughters and mothers were raped and distributed as “prizes” to their commanders, most of whom are still missing to date. During this killing frenzy, residents of Mazar were warned from burying bodies of Hazaras, leaving them to “rot” and for the stray dogs to feed for three days.

Throughout this killing frenzy, the “civilized world” stood as a silent bystander and the news largely went unreported as the international media was barred from entering Afghanistan.

Hazara.net was born on September 28, 1998, as a response to the Hazara genocide in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. It is the first Hazara website on the Internet and has a singular purpose: NEVER AGAIN.