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Afghanistan – Persecution, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, and systematic discrimination

  • “Diaries of Kandahar (1884-1905): Hazaras in the view of British Diaries” – British Secret Diaries during Genocide of Hazaras by Pushtun Ruler of Afghanistan, Amir Abdur Rahman Khan [ PDF ]
    An estimated 60% of Hazaras were exterminated between 1884 and 1905, and tens of thousands of Hazara men, women, and children, were sold as slaves.
  • Habibullah Khan Letter (1904) – [ Dari | English | Urdu ]
    In this letter, Habibullah Khan asks Hazaras to return to Afghanistan who had left to avoid persecution by his father, Abdur Rahman Khan
  • Massacre in Afshar – Feb 1993
  • Massacre in Mazar-e Sharif – Starting Aug 8, 1998

Compilation of reports – by Human Rights Watch, United Nations, and Sunday Times
Eyewitness Testimonies – Interviews conducted by our  Sources

Afghanistan (General)

Pakistan – Persecution, ethnic cleansing, and discrimination

more on Persecution of Hazaras in Pakistan ]

  • View Hazara Killings (Quetta and vicinity) in a larger map
  • Hazara Victims of Terrorism in Pakistan [1999 – current ]
  • Pakistan – Hate Leaflet calling Shias as Infidels – [ JPG ]
    2003 – Religious decree (Fitwa) issued by the Salafist (Wahabis) declaring Shia Muslims as “Infidels” and urging followers for taking extreme steps.List of Pakistani Government Senators and National Assembly Members Supporting Terrorists
    [2003 – Religious decree (Fitwa) issued by the Salafist (Wahhabis) declaring Shia Muslims as “Infidels” and urging followers for taking extreme steps]
  • PPP Chief Minister of Balochistan, Aslam Raisani, Mocks Hazara Victims’ families – Oct 4, 2011
    “40 people killed in Mastung incident is not such a big deal since Balochistan has population in crores. I will send a truck load of tissues for the victim’s loved ones to wipe their tears. If I were not a politician, I would have sent Tobacco instead” – [ PDF ]
  • PPP State Minister of Industries, Dr. Ayatullah Durrani’s extremely prejudiced remarks on Mastung incident – 09/28/2011
    “Many [Hazaras] have a hobby to get asylum. They use this [genocide] as a pretext to get asylum in Australia” – [ PDF ]
  • CONFIDENTIAL / SECRET MEMO, Balochistan Govt dated: March 3, 2011
    This leaked memo dated March 3, 2011, is from the Additional Secretary (reporting to the Chief Secretary — the person that is highest civilian authority responsible for every facet of State Govt in Balochistan) to the Inspector General of Police (IG is the head of the entire Police force in the city) and the Commissioner of Quetta (incharge of security). The memo is a proof that the Pakistani Government knows exactly who the terrorists are, where exactly they are hiding, and who is sheltering them. In the past 10 years of Hazara Genocide, not a single person has been brought to justice by the Government.
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  • BBC: Pakistani Government negotiating with terrorists.
    “Punjabi Taliban” receiving technical training from Punjab Govt in two training centers: Technical Training Center, on Fatah Pur Road in Rajan Pur district, and Training center on LP Road in Bahawalpur. Terrorists receiving Rs. 8000 monthly stipends [ BBC Urdu ] – Sept 29, 2011
  • Law Minister, Punjab Govt (Muslim League Nawaz Sharif group) in his 2010 visit to Jhang took banned Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) leader Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi on a ride in his car – March, 2010
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    [ Sources: One | Two ]
  • Lashkar-e Jhangvi Profile
  • Lashkar Jhangvi, Al-Qaida affiliate; Sources of finance: Saudi Arabia and wealthy Arabs in the Gulf
    The Lashkar Jhangvi terrorist network (mostly responsible for attack on Hazaras and Shias), an affiliate of Al-Qaida, has vowed to continue killing half a million Hazaras in Pakistan.A few weeks before the massacre, the LeJ had circulated an open letter addressed to Hazaras in Quetta. Written in the Urdu language, the letter stated:”All Shi’ites are worthy of killing. We will rid Pakistan of unclean people. Pakistan means land of the pure and the Shi’ites have no right to live in this country. We have the edict and signatures of revered scholars, declaring Shi’ites infidels. Just as our fighters have waged a successful jihad against the Shi’ite Hazaras in Afghanistan, our mission in Pakistan is the abolition of this impure sect and its followers from every city, every village and every nook and corner of Pakistan…” [ More ]
    Original Pamphlet in Urdu ]
  • Terrorist master minds mysteriously “escapes” from a high-security jail (Quetta)
    Terrorist masterminds Usman Saifullah Kurd, Shafiq Rind, and Dawood Badini — brother-in-law of Ramzi Yousef (serving life in US), the master-mind of first attack on World Trade Center in 1993, mysteriously “escapes” a high security prison located in the Pakistan Army’s Command and Staff College (Army Area). All of these terrorists are still at large and involved in the killings of Hazaras..
  • Interior Minister of Balochistan, Mir Zafrullah Zehri – Interview: June 24, 2009)
    “…he had clues about those involved in the target killings but he was helpless” pointing to the powerful elements within the Pakistani Government protecting the terror networks.
  • Governor Balochistan, Zulfiqar Magsi – Interview: April 8, 2010
    “…police knew each and every thing about the identities and activities of drug peddlers, criminals and terrorists but were unable to take action against any of them”
  • Inspector General of Police, Balochistan – Interview: April 8, 2010)
    “…whenever police arrested any criminal, he received calls from high ups for his release.”
  • BBC Interview (2008) of Baloch leader, Khair Bux Murri, on target killings in Balochistan – [ Urdu / English ] – Mar 12, 2011
  • Reasons for the Target Killing of Hazaras in Balochistan, Pakistan [ PDF ] – Aug 22, 2010
  • Human Rights Report 2010 – Pakistan – [ English | Urdu ] – Mar 20, 2011
    This is the Summary Human Rights Report for 2010 for Pakistan.
  • HRW Attacks on Teachers and Schools in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province (DECEMBER 13, 2010) – [ English | Urdu] – Mar19, 2011
    This 40-page report documents the killing of at least 22 teachers and other education personnel by suspected militants between January 2008 and October 2010.
  • Human Rights and Democracy: The 2011 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Report – May 2, 2012
    “Minority rights:
    This year has seen further incidents of discrimination against minorities in Pakistan, including against the Hindu and Hazara populations. In particular, we are concerned about targeted attacks on the Hazara population in Balochistan in the second half of 2011 and the Ahmadi community in Pakistan.”


Iran – 800 plus years of Prejudice and Anti-Hazara history

  • A Short History of Hazaras in Iran – [ PDF ]
    “Iranians use derogatory term ‘Berberis’ i.e. Barbaric, to refer to Hazaras”
  • Shia Personal Status Law (aka “Rape Law”) – The “Shia Personal Status Law” or the “Rape Law” was passed in a back room wheeling and dealing between President Karzai and the Iranian-backed Shia cleric, Sheikh Mohsini –
    PDF / DARI ]
  • Iranian park declared off limit to Afghans – April 1, 2012
    “The Afghans are being prevented from entering the park for the purpose of ensuring security and welfare of the visitors”
    BBC Persian News | English Translation ]