Afghanistan: The Unfolding Human Tragedy


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NEVERAGAIN has happened again. Afghanistan has fallen to Pakistan’s proxy Taliban terrorists and an unfolding catastrophe is ongoing at the moment with Taliban committing massive crimes against humanity. The Hazaras are specially vulnerable–Pashtun regimes in Kabul for over a century has subjected them to systemic persecution and institutionalized racism; the Terrorists following Saudi-based ideology, including AlQaeda, ISIS, and Taliban, consider Hazaras ‘non-Muslim’ and to be killed; additionally, they also blame Hazaras for helping US and NATO forces in Afghanistan (US has always remained completely indifferent, and never once opened any communication channel with Hazaras).


During 1990s, the Taliban carried large scale massacres of Hazaras in cities of Mazar-e Sharif, Bamiyan, YakAwlang, Robatakpass. In the last month, Taliban has carried massacre of Hazaras in Malistan, Ghazni.

The United States Establishment, the US media, and the Think Tanks and their ‘experts’ made this happen. They fabricated lies about a ‘changed Taliban,’ released Gitmo 5 Taliban involved in massacres of peaceful Hazaras; freed over 5000 Taliban hard core terrorists from jails as part of negotiation; US media like NyTimes directly became Terrorist’s PR machine airing Taliban Op-Ed (Sirajuddin Haqqani is leader of Taliban-allied Haqqani network responsible for murders of over 2400+ US personnel in Afghanistan) telling lies to the American people; the US Think Tanks persistently wrote articles in favor of Taliban. 

In the aftermath of 911, the United States Establishment after entering Afghanistan dismantled the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in favor of playing to the Pashtuns and completely ignored women and non-Pashtuns. The US envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, leading Afghanistan’s  surrender to Taliban is a Pashtun and ethnic kin of Taliban. The former president, Hamid Karzai, a US citizen and a Pashtun, and so is the current President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.

The US never broke ties with the Taliban terrorists. They were frequent visitors in the US as the guests of the US Oil Executives prior to 911; they were officially present in the US on the day of 911; during US siege of Taliban in Kunduz, it allowed Taliban high command along with Pakistan army officers to be airlifted as part of a deal with Pakistan’s President General Musharraf known as the Kunduz Airlift or the ‘Airlift of Evil’ ; The US legitimized Taliban terrorists by facilitating their embassy in Qatar; and US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad negotiated release of Taliban co-founder Mullah Ghani Baradar (now to become the new president of Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) from Pakistani custody to become the public face of Taliban diplomacy.  

The total collapse of Afghanistan has taken the world by surprise. In fact, it was an organized demolition—in every single case, President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and his minions acted as Trojan horse committing treason by handing provinces after provinces to Taliban (Ghani’s Kuchi tribe is ally of Taliban against Hazaras. Ghani’s brother is tribal chieftain of Kuchis. The Kuchis are direct beneficiaries of Hazara genocide of 1890s in which Pashtun Kabul regime exterminated 60% of entire Hazara population through a Taliban-like religious decree declaring Hazaras ‘infidel’ and to be killed; According to ToloNews, Ghani’s family has also been paying their annual religious taxes for 1000s of acres of their lands to Taliban for decades).

The Hazaras would also like to call out the fabricated lies of the US Establishment about Afghanistan as a failed state. In fact, with 100th of what US spent in Afghanistan, it could have implemented the US model of Federalism — resulting in provincial autonomy, competition, and women leaders to emerge for a stronger Afghanistan. Given the ethnic diversity of Afghanistan and special vulnerability of peaceful but very progressive Hazaras, it could have easily created an Army Corp to safeguard the Hazrajat region, a necessity that has been prevented by successive Pashtun governments to keep Hazara region completely vulnerable. The US flagrantly diverted away all the resources especially from Hazaras. 

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