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    Dawood Badini, LEJ #2 in Balochistan, is the nephew of 911-master-mind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, and is a close relative of Ramzi Yousef, the master-mind of first world trade center bombing in 1993, who is currently serving life sentence in the United States.

    In 2008, two master minds of LEJ - Usman Saifullah Kurd along with his #2 Dawood Badini - mysteriously broke out (without breaking any lock) of a very high-security jail located in the Army-controlled area which requires a special pass to even get into the area.
    - Daily Jang News (Jan 15, 2013) by Hamid Mir, Pakistan's respected journalist

    The Al-Qaeda affiliated, Saudi-financed, Lashkar-e Jhangvi (along with a newly formed Jaish-ul Islam) terrorists have [proudly] accepted responsibility for the genocidal campain against Hazara minority in Pakistan which is ongoing since 1999.

    As of Feb 17, 2013, appoximately 1300 Hazaras have been killed and around 3000 Hazaras critically wounded in the LEJ terrorist attacks in the past 15 years.

    The human rights organizations have accused Pakistani establishment (Army and ISI) for training and protecting the LEJ terrorists (among others). It is no wonder that not a single terrorist has ever been brought to justice by a Pakistani government.

    "These militant outlets are said to be financed by the ISI and trained with the collaboration of Frontier Corps and Military Intelligence in Balochistan. Their main tasks include counter-insurgency, spread of Talibanization, sectarian violence, Killings of Hazaras and Shias, attacks on NATO supply routes and targeting journalists and lawyers."
    - Asian Human Rights (Jan 6, 2012)

  • Google Map of Hazara Killings (Pakistan) 
  • Hazara Victims of Terrorism in Pakistan  [1999-2012 ] - Nov 8, 2012

  • Pictures obtained from the mobile phone of the LeJ terrorist killed on April 26, 2012 in Quetta
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  • Sectarian Divide in Islam - Purpose of this guide is to provide the basics about the major sects in Islam and the historical divide.
    [ coming soon ]

  • Meaning of name:
    • "The Army of Jhangvi" (derived from the name of its founder, "Haq Nawaz Jhangvi" from Jhang, Punjab) is a splinter group of SSP.

  • Aliases used/ former names:
    • Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) now called Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat (ASWJ)
    • Jamat-ud Dawa
    • Jaish-ul Islam

  • Sub-groups:
    • Jaish-ul-Islam
    • Jundullah (not the same organization by Baloch in Iran)
    • Lashkar-e Jhangvi Al-Almi (claimed responsbility of multiple blasts in Kabul during the Shia religious procession of Ashura)
    • Asian Tigers
    • Junoodul Hafsa
    • Punjabi Taliban
      Source: The Fission of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi

  • Terrorist Affiliations:
    • Al-Qaeda
    • Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

  • Sectarian affiliation:
    • Deobandi with a Wahhabi/Salafi bent (the official religion of Saudi Arabia)

  • Why they hate Hazaras and/or Shias?
    • Pakistan's founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was from Shia faith and Pakistan's highest military award, which is only awarded post humously is "Nishan-e Haider" ("The Seal of Haider" where Haider means "The Lion" - an alias used for first Shia Imam, Ali Abn-e Abi Talib, the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), in recognition of his bravery).

      The Wahabi/Salafi theology, preached in Saudi Arabia, is extremely violent towards the Shia Islam and other minorites. Prior to the Afghan war, Pakistan was a secular country. But the Afghan war provided an ideal ground for all the geo-political forces an apportunity that they could not pass: USA secured its interest by stopping the Russian expansion in South Asia; Saudi Arabia, through its financing of the war, benefitted by emerging a dominant player in the Muslim world and by exporting its violent Wahhabi ideology in Pakistan and Afghanistan to stop Iranian revolution (of Ayatollah Khomeini). Pakistan's military dictator, Zia-ul Haq, under the Army's "Strategic Depth" doctrine saw an opportunity for installing a "friendly" (puppet) regime in Afghanistan to counter its much bigger and arch-foe, India. Iran, the predominantly Shia country, played a critical role by absorbing millions of Afghan refugees in return for its direct involvement in Afghanistan's affairs. In short, the Afghan War defined the broader context of wars between USA vs. Russia, Iran vs. Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan vs. India.

      The proxy war against Russia inside Afghanistan needed
      brain-washed religious extremists to fight the "Afghan Jihad" (Holy War). This was achieved by Army dictator, General Zia ul Haq through a network of over 20,000 Saudi-financed madrassas inside Pakistan where the extremist Salafist/Wahhabist agenda was successfully presented as the "new Islam" to hundreds and thousands of students studying in these madrassas.

      See also:
    • Reasons for Target Killing of Hazaras in Balochistan, Pakistan [ PDF ]
    • Evidence proving that the Hazara Genocide is ongoing with the full knowledge of Pakistani Authorities

  • Statements / Publications / Fatwas (religious decrees against Hazaras)
    • Balkhi Chowk, Hazara Town (33 killed, 70+ injured - Jan 30, 2013

    • Kirani road, Hazara Town (84 killed, 190+ injured) - Feb 17, 2013

    • Statement after twin-blast targeting Hazaras on Alamdar Road on Jan 10, 2013, in which 107 were killed and over 120 injured - Jan 10, 2013
      "Spokesman said that LEJ had warned the enemies [Hazaras] in 2012 that they should leave Balochistan by the end of 2012. On this warning, many of the enemies fled but some of the enemies love their jobs and properties and remained in Balochistan. Now God willing, LEJ in 2013 will not allow Shias to leave alive. Today's attack was the first in a series of attacks. God willing now we will conduct such spectacular attacks that enemies will not find ways to leave Balochistan [alive]."

    • LeJ Hate Leaflet (discovered in Hazara town area)
      "All Shi'ites are worthy of killing. We will rid Pakistan of unclean people. Pakistan means land of the pure and the Shi'ites have no right to live in this country. We have the edict and signatures of revered scholars, declaring Shi'ites infidels. Just as our fighters have waged a successful jihad against the Shi'ite Hazaras in Afghanistan, our mission in Pakistan is the abolition of this impure sect and its followers from every city, every village and every nook and corner of Pakistan..."

      [ URDU Language ]

    • Anti-Shia Hate Leaflet - discovered from Madrassa Imdadia in Hazara area following the killing of 12-Hazara police cadets. The LeJ informants were believed to be living in this Madrassa right in the heart of the Hazara area. All the residents of this madrassa left the night before the ambush of the Hazara cadets. Wary of suspicous activity, an angry Hazara mass entered the madrassa and found secret chambers and also discovered this leaflet.

      List of Past and Present Pakistani Government Senators and National Assembly Members Supporting Terrorists

      2003 - Religious decree issued by the Salafist/Wahhabis (including signature of Senator Moulana Sami-ul Haq and the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia) declaring Shia Muslims as "Infidels" and urging followers for taking extreme steps.

  • Financiers / Supporters
    • Pakistani Government and Agencies
    • Saudi Arabia
      Flag of Saudi Arabia

      [ click on image to see the full version ]
      Same Saudi Flag (only with Black Color) carried by LeJ Terrorists somewhere in Balochistan Province, Pakistan

    • Al-Qaeda Inc.
    • Wealthy Arabs in the Middle East
    • United Arab Emirates (UAE supported Taliban; We currently do not have documentation that directly links UAE to financing LeJ. However, LeJ gets much of its support from Taliban terrorists, which was officially supported by Saudi, UAE, and Pakistan

  • Use of Technology


    Translation of the message:

    Quetta Alert: 50 Shias in hell and over 65 injured due to blast on Alamdar Road. The response of brick will be given by stone God willing.

    • Moavia was the father of the so-called Muslim caliph, Yazid - that slaughtered the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Hussain and his entire family some 1400 years in the battle of Karbala in Iraq. Yazid wanted Hussain's endorsement of his rule, which Hussain never endorsed. Shias are followers of Hussain (for Shias, there are 12 Holy Imams) and the Saudi/Salafis/Wahabis are the followers of Moavia.Flag used is LEJ Flag
    • SSPKing alludes to parent organization of LEJ - Sipah-e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) which is headed by the terrorist leader Ahmad Ludhianvi (a terrorist ally of the Pakistani Government).
    • YOUTUBE: The picture (below) is from one of the videos released on YouTube in which the LeJ terrorists are shown singling out the Hazara passengers, shooting them in cold blood, and throwing their bodies outside the bus. No other passengers were harmed.


  • Further Reading on Lashkar-e Jhangvi



Leaders and Known Operatives
Source: Balochistan CID Police

Malik-Ishaq-Lej Usman-Saifullah-Kurd
Name: Malik Ishaq
Rank: National Leader of LeJ

Was in jail for 15 years accused of murdering of over 100 Shia muslims. He was aquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan due to "lack of evidenc" on July 14, 2011. Enjoys wide support within Saudi and Pakistani Govt.

Name: Usman Saifullah Kurd
Rank: Leader Balochistan Unit

Usman Saifullah aka Muhammad Gul
Father: Muhammad Noor
Caste: Kurd
Address: Killi Zarin, Mian Ghundi

Ashghar-Ali-terrorist-lej Dil-Shad-terrorist-lej

Asghar Ali @ Juma s/o Haji Khan
Caste Sumalani r/o Mach

Dil Shad s/o Mir Baig
Caste Bangulzai r/o Quetta.
Zia-ul-Haq @ Abdullah s/o Wali Khan
caste Sherwani r/o Killi Hassani Dasht.
Right to Left: (Former) Director General of ISI, Retd. Gen. Hamid Gul, Senator Maulana Sami-ul Haq (heads Pakistan's largest madrassa, Darul Uloom Haqqania), Unidentified Arab, Moulana Azam Tariq (founder of SSP) - Exact date and occasion of this photo is not known.
Right to Left: Pakistan Army Chief, Gen. Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani shaking hands with Moulana Sami-ul Haq (who is part of another front organization called Difa-e Pakistan Council i.e. Council for Defence of Pakistan). Mr. Haq runs the biggest madrassa "graduating" thousands of extremists yearly. His university in Akora, Khattack (Kyber Pakhtunkwah Province) is dubbed as "University of Jihad." Sources: [ One | Two ]


Note: Rana Sanullah is cousin of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

The picture hanging on the wall is of the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah (aka Quaid-e Azam). He was a secular Shia who kept his sectarian affiliation private (although it is an open secret that he was a Shia)..

Rana Sanaullah (3), Law Minister, Punjab Govt (Muslim League Nawaz Sharif group) in his March, 2010 visit to Jhang took banned Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) leader, Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, on a ride in his car showing a "cordial" relationship between the two (SSP is the parent organization of Lashkar-e Jhangvi).

Nawaz Sharif (1), the former prime minister of Pakistan, and Shahbaz Sharif (2), current chief minister of Punjab province and brother of Nawaz Sharif, are considered very close to Saudi Arabia and Taliban terrorists. Their lives were spared on the intervention of the Saudi Government following a tussle between former military dictator, Pervaiz Musharef, which overthrew the Sharif government in a bloodless army coup.

[ Sources: One | Two ]







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