Stunning facts about Jaghuri Hazarajat

Oct 19, 2016 |
Author: Mr. Abdullah Shaegan


Note to Readers:

Jaghuri district is in Ghazni province in Afghanistan. It is part of historic Hazarajat – the land of the Hazara people. The Hazaras consider Jaghuri the ‘Educational Capital’ of Hazarajat. There are more schools in just one district Jaghuri than many provinces in Afghanistan combined. Virtually all the schools are built by Hazaras without any help by Kabul regime (known for its extreme hostility and systemic discrimination towards Hazaras). While the schools pre-date NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan, there are no reports that NATO has spent even 1% of $100B plus aid money anywhere in Hazarajat representing 20% plus of entire population of Afghanistan – admin, (Twitter: @hazaranet)



Recently, I visited Jaghuri district of Ghazni province. Here are some stunning facts about this district:

1. Jaghuri is considered one of the most populated district of Afghanistan. According to the official record, Jaghuri’s population is over two hundred thousand.

2. There are 106 girls and boys schools including 64 Higher Secondary Schools.

3. Total numbers of students are 58,797. Interestingly, female students outnumbers males.There are 32,819 girls and 25,978 boys. But ironically students have to pay fees for trained science teachers.


4. Neither health nor any other government facility is available throughout this district.

5. No asphalt road is available in or out of the district.

6. Joblessness is in peak. Therefore young men are trying to go abroad. Almost every family has one person abroad and depends on remittance from abroad.

7. The majority of people are still waiting for National Unity Government of president Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah for fulfilling their promise to upgrade the status of Jaghuri as province which they had made during last election.

a. All schools have been established and/or constructed by people of Jaghuri themselves

b. Ex-president Hamid Karzai also promised for up-gradation of Jaghuri from district to province but failed to deliver on that promise.

c. Construction of asphalt road from center of Jaghuri district to national high way at provincial capital Ghazni has been postponed many times due to ‘security issues.’ There is no obstruction from people within the district (which is always eager to welcome change). Repeated demand of elected representatives and people of Jaghuri has fallen on deaf ears of Kabul and NATO authorities.

Source: JamhorNews

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