ISIS claims gruesome murder of 10 Hazara coalminers in Pakistan

Quetta – Jan 3, 2021: At least 10 Hazara coalminers were murdered by terrorists in Mach, approximately 64 kilometers from Quetta — the provincial capital of restive Balochistan province and active scene of ongoing Hazara genocide for over two decades.

The gruesome incident took place in Gashtari, also known as “Pindal Goath” by the locals, approximately 10km from Mach city center.

According to Hazara sources, a group of nearly 20 to 25 armed terrorists in a pre-dawn attack singled out a group of sleeping Hazara coalmine workers, holding them at gun point. They then tied the victims hands, legs, putting them under blind fold, and slaughtering them one by one with a blunt knife. All victims belonged to Hazaratown Hazara enclave in Quetta. 

‘Pakistani ISIS’ claimed responsibility for the brutal murder. 


1. Naseem Baig s/o Abdul Raheem Baig (19)
2. Aziz s/o Raza Ali (36)
3. Mohammad Anwar s/o Ghulam Abbas (18)
4. Sher Mohammad s/o Hussain Ali (23)
5. Ahmad Shah s/o Abdul Hameed (18)
6. Mohammad Sadiq s/o Yaqoob Ali (36)
7. Chaman Ali s/o Nazir Hussain (35)
8. Hassan Ali s/o Muhammad Hassan (23 or 28)
9. Karim Baksh s/o Ghulam Hassan (33)
10. Abdullah s/o Qadam Ali (36)

Pakistan has always denied existence of Daesh on its soil. In 2016, the group released a video in Pashtu and Punjabi-accented Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, giving a stern warning to Hazaras in Afghanistan to be prepared for their attacks. Since 2016, Daesh has claimed several vicious attacks targeting Hazara civilians, including mothers and babies in maternity ward of hospital and students in educational centers, in Kabul, Afghanistan. In Pakistan, of the 200 plus attacks, this is the first and most vicious attack on Hazaras claimed by Daesh.

According to HOPE, a US based Hazara human rights organization documenting Hazara genocide in Afghanistan and Pakistan, there has been over 200 targeted attacks on Hazaras in Pakistan, killing nearly 1500 Hazaras, wounding over 4000, resulting in forced migration of tens of thousands to seek refuge offshore. The attacks range from assassinations to large attacks such as ‘ambulance bomb’ and truck-bombs, considered the largest in Pakistan’s history killing over 100 and wounding several hundred in a single attack.

HOPE’s data shows a pattern of attacks that clearly shows complicity at the highest levels of Pakistani State. This includes ‘explosive packed truck’ passing through multiple security check posts targeting Hazara men, women, children; terrorists breaking out of highly secure jail without breaking a single lock; and dozens of attacks within a one mile stretch of single road. While Pakistan has vigorously pursued death penalty in terrorism cases targeting the armed forces, not only has Pakistan not brought a single terrorist to justice in ethnic cleaning of Hazaras, there is clear apathy shown towards Hazara victims by its highest officials publicly mocking with callous statements like ‘sending truck load of tissues to victims to wipe their tears.’

HOPE, in its recent tweet, has demanded the United Nations to appoint a Special Rapporteur to investigate mass killings of Hazaras in Pakistan.    



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