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Note: Information on this page is provided by Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE) – a non-profit organization that collects facts and figures on persecution and genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.
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  • Information is updated frequently.
  • Statistical information in this page is based on Google Map maintained by HOPE that pinpoints the attack locations. In short, if data is not on the map, it is not added here yet.
  • Due to an increasing frequency of attacks on Hazaras across Pakistan, as well as enormity of attacks (that includes bombs and suicide bombings) in which large number of innocent civilians are left injured and critically wounded, and deaths after prolonged injuries (which normally goes unreported), the information collected should be considered “partial” and “minimum” at best.
  • Deaths = Includes confirmed deaths based on figures maintained by HOPE.
  • Injuries = Based on figures by Hazara sources + figures reported in various reputed news sources.

  • “Approx 1400 total deaths” figure as of Jan-22-2014 (includes count of 28 deaths during Jan-22-2014 attack). The figure was revised from “Approx. 1300″ to “Approx. 1400″  (to include Hazaras killed since mid-2013).


“Any act committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

Convention on “the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”
Adopted by “Resolution 260 (III) A” of the United Nations
General Assembly on December 9, 1948.


Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Total Population of Hazaras in PakistanApprox. 600,000
(mostly in Quetta city)
Total Number of Attacks (partial list)189 (Ongoing since 1999)
[ Google Map of Attacks ]
Total Hazaras Killed (1999 - Now)1400 (approx) [ Victims / Injured List ]
*excluding 300 Hazaras dying as a result of boat capsizing
during migration
[ Shaheed-List (MS-Excel) - Updated: Feb16, 2014 ]
Total Hazaras Injured (1999 - Now)3,500 (approx)
Total Hazaras deaths as a result of migration
(boat sinkings enroute to Australia, etc.)
300 (approx)
Total Number of Attacks / Killed /
Injured in 2015 (Year to date)
11 Attacks / 21 Killed / 17+ Injured
(We are investigating 2 more incidents reported between Nov 1-10)
Total Number of Attacks / Killed /
Injured in 2014 (Year to date)
13 Attacks / 56 killed / 97+ injured
- Not included yet - Mohd Juma that died of injuries in MACH attack (?) + SaharBatool Murder case
Total Number of Attacks / Killed /
Injured in 2013
32 Attacks / 281 Killed / 389+ Injured
Total Number of Attacks / Killed /
Injured in 2012
61 Attacks / 117 Killed / 149+ Injured (min)
- Added Abdur Rahman killed in JPMC Karachi on Dec 23, 2012(missed earlier; added on June 9, 2014)
Financial Support of TerroristsSaudi Arabia, UAE, etc.
* Saudi supports a network of over 20,000 madrassas in Pakistan
that produces thousands of foot soldiers for the Terrorists
networks. In addition, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations
also directly finances Terrorist Orgs in Pakistan
Safe Haven and TrainingPakistani Establishment
Terrorist Organizations Involved & AffiliationsLashkar-e Jhangvi, Jaish-ul-Islam
* Affiliated networks: Al-Qaeda and Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
Terrorist brought to justice in 15 yearsZero (0)
Num of Hazaras migrated offshore100,000 (approx)
No-go Areas [in Pakistan] for Hazaras100% of Quetta city and Balochistan; Hazaras are currently not
safe anywhere in Pakistan.
(In Quetta, Hazaras are confined in an "Open Air Jail" in two
Hazara enclaves: a few miles radius in Alamdar Road and in Hazara town)