Reality of Afghan Kuchis

Ishaq Muhammadi – May 5, 2002 |   Afghanistan is situated in the heart of Asia. The country used to be one of the most civilized and culturally advanced part of the world. Afghanistan is situated at the crossroad of three great civilizations of the region i.e. Central Asian, Persian and Indian. Whenever the country found […]

The Taliban and moderation: a contradiction in terms

Akram Gizabi – Nov 25, 2001 | Recently, there have been talks of including “moderate Taliban” in the future government of Afghanistan. This is a notion raised by Pakistan during the visit of Secretary of State Collin Powell to Islamabad. Let’s examine this notion as to who these Taliban could be: Who among the Taliban […]

Profile on Bamyan Civilization

Profile on Bamyan Civilization

Ishaq Mohammadi – Mar 4, 1999 | Afghanistan is called the heart of Asia, while Bamyan is the heart of Afghanistan due to its rich cultural civilizations and even for its important geographical location. In the ancient times Bamyan was the nearest link road between Central Asia and the Subcontinent. Bamyan has been mentioned in Chinese […]

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