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Improvised Explosive Rips IT University Bus Carrying Hazara Students; 6 Killed, 69 Injured - June 18, 2012

  • Mechid TV: Assistant Professor Mohammad Hussain who was injured in BUITMS Bus attack passed away around midnight on June 25, 2012.

An improvised bomb, planted in a parked car, targeted the BUITMS IT University bus killing at least 5 and injuring over 69 people. According to sources, the bus was coming from Alamdar Road after picking up mostly Hazara students. The blast happened on Samungli Road next to the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) building.

Unconfirmed reports blamed the bomb blast on the State supported Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ) terrorist organization that is responsible for virtually all the attacks on Hazaras in Pakistan. The LeJ is also blamed by the Afghan government for the attacking the Shia religious procession (of Ashura) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Asian Human Rights Organization has accused the Pakistani Military Intelligence Agency (ISI) and the Frontier Corps (FC) for protecting and training the terrorists. US Government cables on Wiki Leaks accuses the Saudi Government for providing millions of dollars to fund these terrorist networks.

The Media (Pakistan and World Media) usually plays in the hands of the terrorists in labelling Hazaras as "Shias" in trying to paint this as an ongoing war between Shias and Sunnis. In reality, the Hazaras have never attacked anyone despite of giving over 700 casualities and thousands of injuries to these State-Sponsored Terrorists.


  • Professor Mohammad Hussain (succumbed to injuries on June 25)
  • Irfan
  • Aqil Raza
  • Shahid
  • Abdul Hadi
  • Farooq
Shaheed Aqil Raza
Mohammad Hadi
Shaheed Rasheed Ali


The injured include:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Khudaay Raheem
  • Umar
  • Chaman Ali
  • Rehmatullah
  • Shahab Ali
  • Muhammad Baseer
  • Muhammad Abid
  • Muhammad Ameen
  • Muhammad Ibrahim
  • Waqar Hussain
  • Muhammad Munir
  • Adil Ahmed
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Muhammad Yasin
  • Naimatullah
  • Imam Din
  • Amir Muhammad
  • Yasir Hussain
  • Mehar Ali
  • Irfan Ail
  • Muhammad Aslam
  • Riaz Ali
  • Shujaat Hussain
  • Samina Bibi
  • Zulfiqar
  • Asim
  • Muhammad Nabi
  • Asma Batool
  • Rabia Bibi
  • Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Ramzana Bibi
  • Ahmed Khan
  • Hamal Khan
  • Muhammad Ajmal
  • Muhammad Akmal
  • Fatima Bibi
  • Mumtaz Hussain
  • Waqar Hussain
  • Fatima
  • Kaka
  • Shafqatullah
  • Mehar
  • Arsalan
  • Haroon
  • Manno Jan
  • Arif
  • Saood
  • Abdullah
  • Asif
  • Najibullah
  • Jalil Ahmed
  • Safdar Rehman
  • Mukhtar
  • Adnan
  • Kainat
  • Abdul Razzaq
  • Navid Shah
  • Akmal Shah

Source: The Nation

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  • Hazara Progressive Alliance (UK) Press Release - June 21, 2012
  • Hazara Student Federation (HSF) Protest Rally in Quetta
    Hazara students protest in front of Balochistan Assembly against terrorist attack on BUITMS students.
    Balochistan Government has not never taken any action against the terrorists. The Government is accused of harboring the terrorists and many of its members are under investigation by the Pakistan Supreme Court for their involvement in abductions of civilians for ransom.




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