Hazara, shot during “Quran behurmati” rally, dies of wounds

Quetta – Dec 21, 2013|

Mechid TV: Syed Mohammad Hussain, watchman of Zulfiqar Market, died of injuries sustained during Dec 11, 2013, attack by ASWJ terrorists in Quetta. The attack happened when ASWJ terrorists – political wing of the LEJ terrorists – staged a rally alleging that pages of Quran were discovered in fruit/vegetable crates coming from Iran.


The Saudi-funded terrorists, in an attempt to create a wider Shia-Sunni unrest, spares no opportunity in trying to malign Hazaras with Iran due to a common Shia faith between the two. It should be noted that Iran hates Hazaras , forbidding the use of the word Hazara is Iran. The ethnic slur used for Hazaras by the Iranian government is “Berberi” (Barbarics).