34-billion Rupees funneled into terrorist bank accounts in Quetta and Peshawar

Karachi, Pakistan – Jan 6, 2014 |

Source: Express News Report
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sb2IckAz4E


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Investigators have unveiled terrorist source of funding in FATA and Balochistan. Well known money exchanges, in collusion with high banking officers, have been found funneling billions of Pakistani Rupees into anonymous bank accounts monthly. However, the institution created to investigate such crimes, Financial Monitoring Unit, has been found completely unaware of the ongoing issue.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), after “becoming aware”, has decided to
investigate the issue. According to sources, the FIA has found evidence of 34-Billion Rupees transfer within few months through a particular Money Transferring company (name not identified).

FIA has registered nine cases in accordance with the Anti-Money-Laundering laws, frozen the anonymous accounts, and detained dozens of bank officers facilitating the terrorist money laundering scheme.  Investigators have also found use of fake residential addresses for the anonymous accounts.

The investigation “may” unearth valuable information about terrorist activities [in Quetta and Peshawar].
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