At least 4 Hazaras killed, several injured, in two separate AlQaeda attacks in Quetta


Quetta – May 25, 2015 | The AlQaeda affiliated LEJ terrorists have claimed responsibility for two attacks on Hazaras today, killing 4 Hazaras and injuring many  others, including several non-Hazaras. The attacks happened in the main business district on Qandahari Bazar and the second one on Jinnah Road at the Saleem Complex.

In the first incident on Qandahari Bazar, Anwar Ali Hazara – a tea merchant – was shot and killed. According to hospital sources, he received eight bullets and died on the spot.

In the second incident Hazaras were attacked at the Hospital located in Saleem Complex. Two Hazaras died and a third victim, a Hazara female, has reportedly succumbed to injuries later.

According to LEJ, the attacks were revenge for the deaths of two ‘Sunnis’ on Masjid Road who were attacked by unidentified people. In reality, LEJ is Deobandi – close ally of Saudi’s Wahhabi – that kills moderate [Barelvis, Sufi] Sunnis  in Pakistan. Because of this persecution, the Barelvi Sunnis (majority in Pakistan) is closely allied with the Shias. LEJ has close ties with Pakistani State and Saudi Arabia.


Qandahari Bazar Attack


  • Anwar Ali (Tea Store Owner)


  • Mohammad Azam Yousufzai (passerby/non-Hazara)


Saleem Complex Attack 


  • Abdul Hakeem Hazara
  • Mohammad Hashim Hazara


  • Mohammad Daud Hazara
  • Mohammad Nasarullah Hazara
  • Mohammad Anwar Baloch
  • Fatima Bibi
  • Qamar Bibi
  • Mohammad Ayaz Bhutta
  • Mohammad Afzal
  • Abbas
  • Baqir