Pulse-360: Balkh Massacre exposes ‘Pashtun-Only’ Afghanistan


The Balkh Massacre –  April 22, 2017


The Ills of Pashtun-Only Afghanistan

(Below) I will no longer call Taliban [terrorists] my ‘angry brothers’ – Hamid Karzai, Former Afghan President

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(Below) Ashraf Ghani to Moulana Sami-ul-Haq

 Not only are you [Haq] respectable for Taliban [terrorists] but also for Afghans (Pashtuns implied, as both are ethnic-kin). I [President Ashraf Ghani] consider you [Haq] ‘my teacher’


Note: Mr. Haq is Principal of Pro-Saudi Madrassa Haqqania, aka ‘University of Jihad’ in KPK, Pakistan. He is a former Senator of Pakistan and leader of his own political faction JUI-S. Notable ‘Alumni’ of his ‘Univ of Jihad’ are:

  1. Jalaluddin Haqqani — leader of Haqqani network (died: 2014; Wikileaks June 28, 2015: Saudi Passport holder)
  2. Mullah Omar — leader of Taliban, to whom Bin-Laden pledged allegiance. 
  3. Mullah Akhtar Mansoor — leader of Taliban killed in US drone in Balochistan, Pakistan
  4. Asim Omar — leader of AlQaeda South Asia


The Blunders

مشینی جنرل (راتوں رات جنرل)!استاد محمد نسیم جعفری (ترجمہ اسحاق محمدی) نیے افغان قایم مقام وزیر دفاع طارق شاہ بہرامی ک…

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Translation of above FB Post:

Tariq Behrami (new Defense Minister)

Recently returned  Afghanistan on the call of Hanif Atmar — National Security Adviser of President Ashraf Ghani — where he was directly appointed as Colonel. Both gentlemen are from Laghman. For the next couple of years, he served as secretary to  Hanif Atmar. Next, he was fast tracked to take over post of Deputy Interior Secretary, General Abdur Rahman Habibi. After 5 months, he was promoted to Lt. General, and promoted to General as the new incoming Defense Minister. 


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