Diaries of Kandahar: Hazara Genocide during 1890’s

Diaries of Kandahar (1884 – 1905): HAZARAS In the View of British Diaries


This is a small effort towards facts and figures that has been missing since last one century regarding civil war between Amir Abdul Rahman of Kabul (Afghanistan) and Hazaras of Hazarajat (also called Hazaristan in Afghanistan). In this document the British News writers of that time documented the daily important News and reports for the British Government in India.

Gulzari, Dec 28, 1994



Note to the Readers:

In 1890, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were all one country, India, which was a British colony under the British rule. Afghanistan was an independent country, however, from the diaries one can tell that the British government had a watchful eye on Afghanistan.

After Pakistan got its independence in 1947, Balochistan became part of Pakistan. The main cities are Quetta, which has a large population of Hazaras, majority of whom arrived there to escape the Genocide of 1890’s [“Babarnama” describes Hazaras living in Quetta prior to 1480’s. See Note 1]. Balochistan borders with Afghanistan via a small town named Chaman. It also borders Iran, which is the main reason how a lot of Hazaras who came to Balochistan also ended up in Iran. See also, history of Hazara Pioneers (1904) – Hazaras in the British Army.

Minor spelling corrections were made to the text. It should be noted that the diaries were written starting the year 1890. Since the author of Hazara.net doesn’t have access to the documents at this point, changes to the context of the sentences were avoided to preserve the originality of the context. It should also be noted that the text related to the Hazaras history has been compiled from volumes of books and then retyped. Therefore the possibility of spelling mistakes does exist.

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Diaries of Kandahar – Download the entire diary in  [ PDF ]  (220 KBytes)

Note: Volume 8 is partially complete. We have not been able to get updated information on this diary (Nov 22, 2001)

Note 1 – Moghul King Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur (14 Feb 1483 – 26 Dec 1530) – the founder of the Mughul Empire in India in the early 16th century –  records the name Hazara in Baburnama. He referred to the populace of Hazarajat, located west of Kabul, as far as Ghor, Ghazni and Quetta.

Source: Babarnama or Tuzki-e Babari 

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