Hazara Slavery

This page documents cases of Hazara slavery following 1890’s genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

An estimated 60% of Hazara population was exterminated during the 1890’s genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan. During and after the genocide, Hazaras lands were confiscated and distributed to the Pashtuns (including the Pushtun Nomads known as Kuchis), and tens of thousands of Hazaras men, women, and children were sold as slaves.

The Argus (1848 – 1956)


Source: The Argus (1848 – 1956), Friday, 20 Oct 1893, Page 5
About: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1956
Wikipedia: The Argus on Wikipedia

Ashburton guardian, New Zealand (Since 1870s)


Source: Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 3109, 20 October 1893, Page 2
About: Ashburton Guardian

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