Islam Amiri Hazara – Afghan national football team captain and Fans “player of the year”

Sept 24, 2013 |

Player profile: Zohib Islam Amiri

The son of an ethnic Hazara shopkeeper, Amiri grew up playing his football in the narrow alleys of Char-qala, first using rolled-up fabric stitched into a ball, and later worn-out footballs bought with money chipped in by several neighborhood kids. They smashed a lot of windows. “We got a beating when we would come home at night,” he tells TIME. During the period of Taliban rule, he attended matches at the local stadium where the militants would conduct public executions at the center of the pitch during half time.


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TIME World: Afghanistan’s Soccer Captain: Meet the Humble Hero of a War-Torn Nation


Islam Amiri, 26, captained the Afghan football team to its first international title, the South Asia Football Federation Championship, after the squad defeated India 2-0 last week in Nepal. The triumph, coming just days after the country commemorated its annual Martyrs’ Week, gave a nation struggling to emerge from decades of war something to celebrate away from the battlefield. Amiri’s dance of celebration — a happy shuffle, with his tattooed hands moving up and down his side — endeared him to Afghans.


Afghan footballer Islam Amiri wins Fans Player of the Year award


Afghan footballer and member of the Afghan National Football Team Islam Amiri received Fans player of the year award in the 5th edition of the Indian Football Awards 2013.

Islam Amiri who was playing for Mumbai FC in the I-League, topped a survey list organized by the Indian Football Association among the six players and was awarded with the Golden Ball.


Indian Football Transfer Gossip: Zohib Islam Amiri extends his contract with Mumbai FC for another year


After failing to earn a contract extension from Mumbai FC, in a dramatic turn of events, Afghanistan star has signed a one year contract extension with Essel Group. In an exclusive chat with the 26-year-old had claimed, “One thing is for sure, I am not going to be a Mumbai FC player next season.”


Interview with Zohib Islam Amiri (Afghanistan/ex-Mumbai FC)


26 year old Zohib Islam Amiri is not only an Afghanistan international footballer, but he has played his recent club football in the Indian I-League for Mumbai FC. At the FPAI organised Indian Football Awards 2013 on May 23, 2013 in Mumbai Amiri was handed the ‘Fan’s Player of the Year’ award. We spoke to him about the award, his time in India and how he feels living there.

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