Taliban number 2 and Killer of over 20000 Hazaras set free by Pakistan in a “goodwill gesture”


Courtesy: EPA/Dailymail.co.uk

Pakistan – Sept 21, 2013 |

According to Dawn and BBC news, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the Afghan Taliban, has been freed from jail in Pakistan.

Mullah Baradar is one of the four men who founded the Taliban movement in Afghanistan in 1994.

Baradar, a one-time military chief often described as the militants’ former second-in-command, was the most high profile detained Taliban commander in Pakistan.

“Yes Baradar has been released,” Omar Hamid, a spokesman for Pakistan’s interior ministry told news agency AFP, without elaborating on the circumstances of the release.

The Pakistani foreign office also confirmed the release in a short statement.

“Mullah Baradar was released this morning,” Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, the spokesman for foreign ministry, told AFP via text message. He added: “Released in Pakistan. No further details available with me”.

Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) welcomed the release and thanked Pakistan’s government.

“We welcome his release. And we thank the government of Pakistan that showed goodwill and answered positively to the request of Afghanistan government,” Mohammad Esmail Qasimyar, senior member of HPC, told AFP.

“Baradar is someone who has always been eager to join peace negotiations, and we hope he joins peace talks soon. We are optimistic about it, he is still an influential figure, and the Taliban still respect him,” Qasimyar said.


Reaction of Hazara Leadership in Afghanistan?

Hazara.net has not been able to get an official word at this time from the Hazara leadership on negotiations with the Taliban or the release of Taliban leadership involved in the deaths of tens of thousands of Hazaras.


Taliban’s Genocidal Campaign Against Hazaras 

Recall, in its genocidal campaign, the Taliban killed well over 20,000 Hazara men, women, and children during the genocide in Mazar Sharif, Bamyan, Yakawlang, Robtak Pass.


Quotes of Taliban leadership against Hazaras

” The policy of the Taliban is to exterminate the Hazaras”

 Maulawi Mohammed Hanif, Taliban  Commander
Announcing their policy to a crowd of 300
people summoned to a mosque [after killing
15,000 Hazaras people in a day]


” Hazaras are not Muslim. You can kill them.  It is not a sin.”

 Mullah Manon Niazi
Governor of Mazar-e Sharif
Speaking to a crowd in a mosque after the fall of Mazar Sharif


On Destroying the 2000 year old Bamyan Buddha Statues:

” Some people believe in these statues and pray to them … If people say these are not
our beliefs but only part of the history of Afghanistan, then all we are breaking are

Mullah Muhammad Omar
Taliban Supreme Leader


“Tajiks to Tajikistan, Uzbeks to Uzbekistan, and Hazaras to goristan”

Unkown Taliban Leader
[ source: National Geographic | copy on hazara.net ]
– Many Hazaras associate this quote to Mullah Baradar
– Goristan means graveyard




  • BBC – Pakistan frees top Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar – Sept 21
  • Dawn – Pakistan frees top Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Baradar – Sept 21



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