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Dec 9, 2013|

Dear Hasan Reza Changezi Sahib

Hope you are doing well. I’m sure you will also be delighted like me to come to know about the success of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) in five seats in local government elections on 7th of December 2013. Qadir Nayel and Muhammad Reza from Hazara Town Ward No: 7 Union Council Shadezai while Bostan Ali Kashtmand, Muhammad Reza Wakil and Mirza Hussain respectively from Ward No: 14, 15 and 16 Alamdar Road Mehrabad Quetta, Pakistan have unofficially been declared winners, the official results yet to come.



I personally salute the residents of Alamdar Road and Hazara Town who categorically rebuffed the policies of religious intolerance and religious hatred especially the horrible  politics of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM)—a proxy Iranian religious party, which tried their best to confuse the innocent people under the guise of religion.

For the first time in the history of Alamdar Road Quetta, HDP knocked “Taifa Parasti” down and helped promote political maturity in the society. Day before yesterday’s clean-sweep of  HDP from Alamdar Road and Hazara Town proved that the party has great support among the masses and put a big question mark on the results of 11th of May 2013 elections. Unfortunately, the overnight alleged results brought a person on the surface who had never been a public figure but was sadly an employee of an alleged Iranian school.

Soon after the election, dozens of ballet papers were found in the litter stamped on the moon—HDP’s electoral sign. Few of the ballet papers were literally found burnt, while some of them ripped apart. HDP workers have taken the matter to the Election Commission of Pakistan to get the final judgment. Now, the matter is in the court.

Dear Hasan

Do you think, the residents of Alamdar Road deserve right to ask a single line question from the alleged winner of PB 2 Quetta 2, who claims himself to be a very religious pious person that “how he allegedly managed to secure 7980 votes on 11th of May 2013 elections when his religious party candidates hardly managed to bag around 1500 votes from six union councils of Hazara Shia and other Shia Muslims in local government elections on 7th of December 2013?” Now don’t you think, a pressure needs to be built on him or his party by the people to ask whether Islam allows lying, deceiving or cheating the innocent people? Or does Islam permit stealing the vote of the people through unfair means? No, of course not. If MWM was a favourite party among Hazara Shia, then why it couldn’t manage to win the majority votes? So now, it means that a monkey type business was allegedly involved in getting an alien person elected from PB 2 Quetta 2 seat for the Provincial Assembly.  Does he or his party have any valid answers? If yes, they should immediately come forward. If not, then what excuse he will put forward except to resign voluntarily as the residents of Alamdar Road categorically turned his style of politics and party down. Do you think, he will set an exemplary high quality character by stepping himself down?

The latest Local Government Elections’ results will further activate the workers of HDP in the society. I’m sure the party is fully aware of the people’s problems and it will bring all its possible efforts together to resolve them at earliest possible.

Since our community is facing great challenges from all fronts, the party needs to take people into confidence in every matter being confronted by the community.

In Pakistan like countries, it is always easy to play the role of opposition and criticise the political opponents. It needs a great deal of political maturity, skill and experience to meet the demands of the people.

I personally believe that the real political exam of HDP has just started now and I fear that if the party didn’t come up with the expectations of the masses, then of course it will surely lose the public support which would further engulf the party with internal and external conflicts.


Looking forward to hearing something from you

Your friend

Muhammad Younas

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Muhammad Younas

The writer is an ESOL Teacher at Goodwin Community College in Hull. His blog can be found at and can be contacted at