Another Conspiracy Ahead

Dec 3, 2013 |

Once again, the incompetent opportunist characters are reported to have started flexing their vicious muscles to defeat Hazaras in the upcoming local government elections to be held on 7th of December 2013 in Quetta City especially Mehrabad and Hazara Town. Few months before, these selfish dealers got united, confused Hazara community under the guise of religion and succeeded in getting an alien person elected with the help of invisible forces on 11th of May 2013.  




Sadly, these brokers imposed a person on Hazaras to represent them in the provincial assembly who unfortunately doesn’t say himself a Hazara. Doesn’t know who Hazaras are? Doesn’t know the socio-political needs of Hazaras in Pakistan? Doesn’t understand the problems of Hazaras? His well being in the assembly is considered by many are to just malign the image of Hazaras being an Iranian proxy in Pakistan.

Now, yet again these elements are reported to have been trying their best to replay the same scene played on 11th of May 2013 to get the easy-going candidates elected for the higher authorities.

Many might ignore the role of the elite ruling class in the local government elections; however, we should never forget that these cynical lots provide the best opportunity to the higher authorities to establish nurseries in the constituencies through the local government elections to further promote their like-minded candidates in provincial and federal governments’ elections. In tribal set up, the establishment develops strong connections with Jirga leaders, Sardars, religious leaders, local party leaders, social organization leaders, sports clubs leaders, philanthropists and ex-ministers etc to get access into the constituencies. These people are well interconnected with each other. They have strong coordination among themselves and understand each other’s moves very well. They always know what to do when assignments are delegated to them and who to support in their respective constituencies to make the big boss happy?

Now, if we focus our lens on Alamdar Road, we can easily see these actors stand united strongly on one page to oppose all those who defy them. Before taking you deep down into the further analysis, you may now be thinking me as a staunch supporter of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) but unfortunately, I’m not. I’ve got some reservations but I still believe that in present circumstances HDP is seen as better choice than others. You may consider me a well wisher of Hazaras living all over the world. It is my personal opinion, however, you deserve right to disagree with me.

Coming back to the point, just to make you realize that how does this controlled monitoring system work peacefully with the help of so-called nobles and leaders especially in our community? On Alamdar Road, majority of the people know that a young Hazara boy Muhammad Ibrahim aged around 20 years old was brutally stabbed to death on 19th of July 1986 in Degree College Quetta, Pakistan by mullahs. He was an active member of Hazara Students Federation, which was a student organization of Tamzeem. And everybody on Alamdar Road knows well that Tamzeen and Mullahs used to be the arch rivals. In fact, both accused each other as “agent” for long time.

But now the bitterness seems to be the story of the past when it comes to confront a new political party in Hazara society. The same story goes with honourable Mr Tahir Khan who was a bitter political enemy of Tamzeem.  Many will approve that Mr Tahir Khan once used to roar in public gatherings against Tamzeem during mid-90s and he would request everybody to help him find the “key” to get hold of Tamzeen. But now he seems to have forgotten the “key story” and trying his best to join hands with all those who are standing alert to counter the every move of the HDP—the only party which seems reluctant to join the big page.

Just to let you know that how the situation changes quickly and how the stark political rivalry turns into goody-goody when the big boss orders to challenge the common enemy? You might be surprisedto know that once again Sardar, Khan, Mullah, Sarchanda, Jirga, Bayjirga, Tamzeem, Shia Conference and Haji have joined hands together to defeat HDP candidates who worked day and night selflessly to restrain Hazaras from violence and saved Quetta City from a civil war by showing great deal of political maturity in Quetta City.

It is something beyond human imagination that these foul players have come forward to dent those who promote political harmony, talk about religious tolerance in the province and raise the genuine rights of Hazaras in Pakistan but unfortunately those on other hand promote unprofessional people due to their personal grudge, hatred and envy with the party workers.  They fully understand that if HDP comes into power, they will have a very limited role in the society in coming years. Therefore, their fight against HDP seems to prolong their so-called status with the support of the invisible machinery, which has its own nefarious designs.

It must be a great challenge for HDP to win the majority votes on the paper as vested interests will try their best to go through unfair means to change the election results in their favour like last one. As usual, Hazaras are once again being confused to pick the right candidates. I understand, the following local government elections will surely bring more surprises but I’m hopeful that the election process will uncover many nasty faces to Hazara community which will further help the community to pick the right candidates in near future.

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Muhammad Younas

The writer is an ESOL Teacher at Goodwin Community College in Hull. His blog can be found at and can be contacted at