Why Alamdar Road Quetta?

Quetta – Feb 2, 2014|

Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) arranged Shuhada Conference on Alamdar Road Quetta today, supported by Sunni Itehad Council, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Minhajul Quran to exert pressure on Federal government to launch military action against Taliban.

courtesy: Mechid TV

The religious leaders lambasted the policies of the federal government and expressed their anger on the members of the negotiating team to talk to Taliban.

The name of the conference was Shuhada Conference but actually it was a strong political message to federal government to launch military operation against Taliban from Alamdar Road Quetta, Pakistan.

Large numbers of Pakistanis favour military operations against Taliban, but why Alamdar Road was picked to roar against Taliban? Hazaras are already the worst victim of Taliban and its affiliated groups in Quetta. Why this conference was not held on Jinnah Road Quetta or Karachi or Lahore or Islamabad or some other parts of Pakistan?

What does MWM want from Alamdar Road—more dead bodies of Hazaras? What are the socio-political interests of MWM by making provocative speeches against Taliban from Alamdar Road? If MWM wants military operation against Taliban, why it doesn’t hold public gatherings in Karachi? If Minhajul Quran is interested in military operation against Taliban, why it doesn’t hold public gatherings in its stronghold Lahore city? Or if PPP is interested in  military actions against Taliban, why it doesn’t hold public gatherings in Larkhana? Why Alamdar Road? Why these proxy mullahs want more blood of Hazaras be spilled on the ground? Who are these mullahs, come from other provinces, hold public gatherings and use offensive languages against militant groups from Alamdar Road, Quetta? And who are those local supporters, who encourage these proxy mullahs to disturb our peace? I’m sure, they are all proxies, who get salary to invite trouble to Hazaras. I believe that they just do their job to not only disrupt the peaceful environment of Quetta but also the whole country by bringing more death to Hazara Shia on the guise of religion.

If these proxy mullahs and their local supporters are doing their jobs, then why community elders don’t come forward and show their resentment to them by inviting non local proxies mullahs on Alamdar Road? What day, the community elders are waiting for? The enemies have already deeply penetrated in the community on the pretext of religion. Don’t know, how long do we need to understand the religious gimmicks of enemies within?

No doubt, religion is our community’s weakness but does it really mean to allow all kinds of religious evil characters to cut our roots or to allow them to play with our image and destiny?

It is good to be a positive religious but does it really help the community or Shia Islam to be an insane religious? Of course not. Then what needs to be done? Do we really need to wake up or leave it as it is going? Or wait until the worst days to come?

Being a sensible and responsible person, do we really need to show the responsibility to educate our community about the dangers lying in favouring non-local proxy mullahs?  Can we really make our community understand about the evils of political mullahs?

It is always good to promote religious harmony in the society but what fiery message lies underneath of religious harmony Mela—needs to be understood.

No civilized human opposes military operation against the brutal Taliban, but Alamdar Road was the wrong venue for offensive speeches against religious militants. Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan is the right place to hold public gatherings to exert pressure on the federal government to launch military action against Taliban.

Hazara community is already suffering at the hands of Taliban affiliated militant groups, arranging such violent public gatherings by proxy mullahs would likely bring more violence on Alamdar Road, which would be a crime against humanity. The community needs to understand the religious political sensitive issues of the country and needs to minimize the number of violence by discouraging violent religious people especially on Alamdar Road Quetta.

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Muhammad Younas

The writer is an ESOL Teacher at Goodwin Community College in Hull. His blog can be found at http://myounas.com and can be contacted at toyounasat@yahoo.co.uk