Two Hazara passengers singled out from Bus and executed in Quetta

Quetta – April 12, 2014 |

Two Hazara bus passengers have been singled out and executed by Saudi-supported terrorists in Quetta, Pakistan.

Imran Qureshi, the Superintendent of Police Sariab Road told that armed militants singled out two members of Hazara community from a passenger bus and opened fire on them from a very close range.” – DAWN



Courtesy: Naweed-e Saher NGO


Courtesy: Haji Bismellah Bismil

According to sources, the elderly Hazara man, Juma Khan, and his grandson, Najeeb, were travelling from Quetta to Karachi on Al-Tariq coach.  Both were singled out and shot point blank on the terrorist-infested Sariab Road.  They were residents of besieged Hazaratown enclave in Quetta.

The Saudi-inspired Jaish-ul Islam terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Jang News [Urdu]: Jaish Islam Statement  (Sunday, April 13, 2014)





Translation of Jaish-Islam Statement on Jang News:

Quetta – Grandfather, grandson murdered at Coach (Bus) terminal
Both were residents of HazaraTown; Jaish-ul Islam claimed responsibility

Quetta (Staff Reporter/Online): Unidentified terrorists shot and killed a [Hazara] grandfather and his grandson at the Quetta-Karachi Bus Terminal located on Sariab Road. According to Quetta Police, residents of Hazaratown -Mr. Juma Khan along with his 33 year old grandson Najeeb Ullah- were shot and killed by two unidentified terrorists. The terrorists were on motorcycles and managed to escape after the firing.  Najeeb Ullah died on the spot, while his grandfather, Juma Khan, was critically wounded, and succumbed to injuries on the way to CMH (Military Hospital is miles away from scene of incident).

A big number of Hazaras arrived at the CMH hospital as the news spread to the besieged residents of both Hazara enclaves. The bodies were taken to Hazara town mosque for performing last rights.

According to Jang Online, banned terrorist [Saudi-supported] outfit, Jaish-ul Islam, claimed responsibility for murders of the two Hazaras. Azam Tariq, spokesman of Jaish-ul Islam, called from unknown location to claim responsibility that the Mujahideen of Islam have killed two Hazaras on Sariab Road. He further warned the public and Transporters to stop all dealings with Hazaras, and not to allow them to travel on their vehicles [buses, taxis, rickshaws, etc.] or they will be responsible for their losses [hints at attacks on those transport companies if they did]. He said that our attacks will continue until the establishment of Islamic Caliphate [in Pakistan].

Note on Jang News:

From this statement it is not obvious, but the Saudi-inspired-and-supported terrorists have full support of the Pakistani establishment. In 159 attacks for the last 10 years, not a single terrorist has been brought to justice. The sentence “terrorists managed to escape” is a typical news statement. In reality, terrorists are permanently present at the Bus terminal on Sariab Road. They are never stopped, and they are never in a hurry to leave. In fact, usually during their attacks, the police hides somewhere and always arrives when they leave. Human Rights organizations have accused Pakistani Establishment for providing safe havens to these terrorists.



Qudrat News: Jaish Islam Statement 


Translation of Jaish-Islam Statement on Qudrat News:

(Qudrat News) Banned Organization, Jaish-ul Islam has accepted responsibility for the terrorist attack killing two Hazaras on Sariab road. The spokesman of the terrorist group, Azam Tariq (* see note1) called news agencies from an unknown place to claim responsibility for the attack, and said that the “Mujahideen of Islam” have killed two Shias. He warned Transporters and general public not to deal with Hazaras / Shias, and not allow them to travel on their vehicles/buses or they will be responsible for their losses.  He said their attacks will continue till the establishment of the Islamic Emirate.


Note 1:

Azam Tariq – Member of National Assembly of Pakistani Government – was the terrorist chief of Sipah-e Sahaba (SSP) terrorist organization. After it was banned, the SSP has manifested itself as the “political party” named as ASWJ and the militant wing LEJ. Both ASWJ and LEJ are declared terrorist by the Pakistani government. However, the Pakistani government just elected Ahmad Ludhianvi, chief of ASWJ – whom the government itself declared terrorist – in the National Assembly of Pakistan one year after the election was over. In short, Jaish-ul-Islam, LEJ, SSP, and ASWJ, are all same organization.

The US Department of State has designated Malik Ishaq, one of the co-founders of Lashkar I Jhangvi (LJ), as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224.


Hazara Genocide in Pakistan

According to Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE), Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist outfits have thus far claimed responsibility for 158 separate attacks on Hazaras to date, killing over 1400 and injuring over 3500 [ See Google Map of all attack locations ]. Not a single terrorist has been brought to justice by Pakistani government involved in the Genocide of Hazaras.


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