Urgent Appeal to Help End Lateef Johar’s Hunger Strike

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“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”
– Nelson Mandela


Hazara.net team is glad to inform that Latif Johar has ended his hunger strike. Kindly follow Twitter accounts mentioned at the end of this post to get updated information.



  • Baloch Student Organization (Azad)’s  Lateef Johar is in CRITICAL condition after 10 days of “Hunger Strike till Death.” His life is in imminent danger with every passing moment.Lateef’s Hunger Strike is to raise awareness regarding detention of BSO(A) President, Zahid Baloch, that is in the custody of the Pakistani Security Agencies. Many Baloch have ended up dead after being picked up by the Security Agencies. Lateef will end his Hunger Strike if Pakistani Authorities visit the “Hunger Strike Camp” in Karachi, Pakistan, and give their assurance for safety of Zahid Baloch.
  • Video Message by Lateef Johar explaining why he has decided “hunger strike till death”
  • SIGN Petition Navi Pillay (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)


From “Hunger Strike Till Death” protest in Karachi, Pakistan:


Lateef is now in his 10th day of “Hunger Strike till Death.” He has dropped a lot of weight, physically very weak, and having pain in his body. UN, Media, Human Rights Organizations, as well as Pakistani State, has opted to remain silent on this issue.



7th day: Lateef’s health has significantly deteriorated; Doctors checking his vitals.


6th day – Lateef is undergoing extreme dehydration and abdominal pain.


Children of Zahid Baloch – Doda and Qamber – have joined the “Hunger Strike Protest Camp” and seeking our help for safe return of their father



On behalf of the Peace loving Hazara nation, we make the following appeal to all:

  • For Pakistani Authorities, such as Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Malik Baloch, to IMMEDIATELY visit the “Hunger Strike Camp” and play a part as an elder politician, as well as an Ethnic Baloch (familiar with the customs) to provide assurance for safety of Zahid Baloch, which will end the Hunger Strike.
  • For the Press & Media to immediately visit the “Hunger Strike Camp” in Karachi and highlight the situation in the media. The media attention will help buy time. We are reasonably sure that Lateef and fellow protesters, many females included, will appreciate such gesture and temporarily halt the hunger strike to create a space for dialog.
  • For the Faith-based organizations to immediately visit the “Hunger Strike Camp” in Karachi and highlight the situation in the media through their own sources. This is a unique opportunity for the Faith-based organizations to play their role in creating a dialog between the Baloch and the Government.
  • For the United Nations and Human Rights Organizations to remind the Pakistani Government of its obligations and the various Human Rights Charters that it is signatory to.
  • For the “Friends of Pakistan”  – in particular the Western Nations such as USA, UK, Germany, etc. – to play a role through their embassies.
  • For the Social Media activists who believe in “Humanity First!” to show their solidarity with Lateef by Retweeting to their contacts (see Hashtags below). The protest camp is monitoring support from across the world, and we are reasonably sure that they will be successful in ending Lateef’s hunger strike, even if temporarily. Remember, our immediate concern is Lateef’s life who is already in critical condition!
  • For the Hazara Political and Social organizations, as well as Hazaras on Social Media such as Twitter, to do whatever possible to save a student’s life!




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